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The Stowaway Side Quest - The Ebon Hawk (Kotor 1)

The Stowaway Quest Start

The Stowaway quest begins when you land on your first planet after leaving Dantooine. Zaalbar will approach you and tell you that some food has been going missing on the ship and you'll receive a Journal update (and this quest) as a result. You will need to inspect the supplies in the Cargo Hold then run around different parts of your ship until eventually Sasha, a young child, spawns in the Cargo Hold.

Your first attempts at speaking with Sasha are failures since she does not speak any languages that you are familiar with. Keep going through dialogue options with her until you get [Try to learn Sasha's strange language] as an option. Go through the dialogue options available and you will learn a few words from Sasha as well as earn 60 EXP.

If you have spoken with Lur Arka Sulas at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine (pictured below) then you'll have the dialogue option, "Does the name Lur Arka ring a bell? What about Rundil ot Sulem?" Sasha will not recognize either of these names but they will give you some insight on where you need to take Sasha.

For the next step of this quest (if you want Light Side Points) what you need to do is keep talking to Sasha over and over and experimenting with what the words mean. She will typically gesture to you and you will have to guess what she means. I think you need to get enough words 'correct' before you get [Communicate with her in her language] as a dialogue choice. This is a required step as Lur Arka Sulas will not board your ship unless you are sure this is the girl he is looking for.

Dark Side/Light Side Difference: Instead of communicating with Sasha and learning her language force her off the ship on Dantooine and then speak with Lur Arka Sulas. You'll complete the quest and receive Dark Side Points.

The Stowaway Lur Arka Sulas on Dantooine


Note: If you ignore Sasha and leave her on your ship she will disappear after you've discovered 4 or so Star Maps. Zaalbar will inform you that Sasha has left if this happens.