Sith Interrogation Side Quest - Korriban (Kotor 1)

Sith Interrogation Side Quest

Start Location: Sith Academy
Cut Off Point: After you complete the Korriban Story line
Reward: Dark Side Points or Light Side Points + Prestige

One of the methods of earning Prestige when you're on Korriban is by interrogating a prisoner in the Sith Academy about where you can find the hidden weapon cache. You'll find the Interrogation Room in the northeastern most portion of the Sith Academy; entering the room starts a scene with the current interrogator.

There are many branches to this quest that offer different outcomes as well as opportunities for Light Side or Dark Side Points. In order to get Light Side Points from this quest and the prestige for completing the quest you'll need to ask the prisoner if he knows of any way to free him. He'll tell you to put him into a catatonic state using the computer - however you'll need a Computer Skill of at least 10 for a chance of success doing this.

Lightside Points + Prestige: Place the prisoner into a catatonic state by using the computer

Alternatively, the other way of completing this quest involes Dark Side Points. You need to inject the prisoner with just the right amount of truth serum so that he doesn't fall unconcious but still tells you what you want to know. I find the best way to explain this is to imagine that the prisoner has 10 HP and you need to deal 9 damage to him to get him to talk.

Below are the values of each injection as well as the prisoner's health.

Serum Injection Values:

Heavy Dose: 5
Medium Dose: 3
Small Dose: 2

Prisoner Health: 10
Required Dose: 9

Korriban Sith Interrogator Fight

Note: Injecting the prisoner with 10 or more will kill him and get you Dark Side Points but no prestige

You can use any combination of injections mentioned above to get him to 9/10; 3 medium doses is typically the easiest. When injecting truth serum for the first time you'll get Dark Side Points but from my testing you don't get it any other times. After you inject him with 9 doses ask him where the cache is to learn the location.

The interrogator will over hear the location and tell you that he is stealing your prestige. At this point you'll be given the final option for this quest, either let him steal your prestige or fight him and defeat him. Fighting him will get you Dark Side Points and allow you to return to Uthar and tell him about the location of the cache for the prestige.