Nilko Bwaas Side Quest - Manaan (Kotor 1)

Nilko Bwaas Side Quest

Start Location: Ahto West
Cut Off Point: When you visit the Unknown World // If you choose to kill the shark at the end of Manaan
Reward: 500xp and 500 Credits

This quest begins by speaking with Nilko Bwaas in Ahto West on the planet Manaan. You'll find Nilko Bwaas in the bar which is at the northern most portion of Ahto West; he will call you over when you get close enough to him. In this same area there will be another quest given to you by Shaelas, a Selkath who is currently looking for his missing daughter. This Selkath will also call you over when you get close enough.

For this quest Nilko Bwaas asks you to find out why the Republic is hiring so many mercenaries. You are able to turn this quest in after invading the Sith Base and speaking with Roland Wann in East Central. He'll tell you why the Republic has been hiring mercenaries in the conversation that updates your quest.

However if you wait to turn in this quest until after you've explored Hrakert Station you'll get a slightly better reward for turning in this quest.

Roland Wann Republic Emissary