Genoharadan Bounty Side Quest - Manaan (Kotor 1)

Genoharadan Bounty Side Quest Start

Start Location: East Central
Cut Off Point: When you visit the Unknown World // If kill the shark at the end of Manaan and get banned from the planet
Reward: Multiple quests and rewards

The Genoharadan Bounty Side Quest begins any time after killing Calo Nord on Tatooine or Kashyyyk. When traveling through specific "event areas" in this game there is a chance you'll trigger a scene where a Twi'lek by the name of Senni Vek approaches you (pictured above). He'll tell you that you dropped a datapad and heavily insist you take it.

It's possible to refuse the datapad and lock yourself out of this quest entirely but it is difficult to do since he is so insistent. When you read the datapad it will tell you to speak with Hulas on Manaan and to come alone. Hulas will not speak with you openly if you have Companions so open your map and use the "Party Selection" button to remove members.

As you may have already been able to deduce from the name of this quest, you're essentially going to be a Bounty Hunter on behalf of the Genoharadan group. Each person you kill for this group will get you Dark Side Points but your actions also (allegedly) will benefit the Republic.

Hulas gives you a run down of rules that you must follow to remain in his good graces - failure to follow the rules will cause him to disappear forever.

Hulas for Genoharadan Bounty Quests

I will not detail every opportunity you have for Dark Side Points during this quest, however, every single bounty you collect will give you an opportunity for more Dark Side Points. When you find your target don't bother talking to it at all and just threaten to kill it for the most Dark Side Points you can get.

Note: Of the first two bounties technically only Lorgal is required. After you collect Lorgal's bounty Hulas will give you the other 3 Genoharadan Bounties; you're free to complete Zuulan in any order you wish.


Lorgal - East Central (Manaan)

Lorgal Genoharadan Bounty Quest

Reward: 500xp and Genoharadan Poison Blade

You'll find Lorgal just north of where Hulas is in East Central. He's being held prisoner inside the Republic Embassy in a force cage (pictured above). To kill Lorgal you'll need to mess with the computer next to his jail cell and make the force cage kill him. As you should expect you'll receive Dark Side Points for doing this.

When you return to Hulas to collect this bounty you'll get 500xp along with the remaining 3 bounties in this quest line, Vorn Daasraad, Rulan Prolik and Ithorak Guldar.

Zuulan - Matale Grounds (Dantooine)

Zuulans Speeder on Dantooine

Reward: Genoharadan Blaster and 500xp

**Warning** After you collect 4 of the 5 Star Maps and visit the Leviathan you'll lose access to Dantooine and this bounty will become permanently inaccessible for you.

On Dantooine you'll find Zuulan Sentar's land speeder next to the Matale estate in the Matale Grounds. When you inspect it you'll have the choice of sounding the alarm or to place a frag mine on the bike. To place a mine on the bike you'll need a Frag Mine in your inventory, otherwise it'll fail. If you place a mine on the bike you'll get a scene of Zuulan and his droids returning to the bike and blowing up with it - you will receive no xp for killing him this way.

Alternatively, if you choose to sound the alarm you'll engage in a conversation with Zuulan and then begin a fight. When you reduce his health to 20% he'll plead for his life and you'll be given the opportunity to spare it for 200 Credits. If you do this then you will be unable to collect the bounty from Hulas (Genoharadan Blaster and 500xp) and he'll be very upset with you for not killing the target.

Sounding the alarm and fighting Zuulan is the better approach to take if you want the most xp.

Vorn Daasraad - Sand People Territory (Tatooine)

Vorns Assault Droid in Sand People Territory

Reward: 1000xp and Genoharadan Stealth Unit

Vorn Daasraad is found in the northern portion of the Sand People Territory on Tatooine. At first when you enter the area you will find nothing but Vorn's Assault Droid here and his swoop bike. When you get close enough to his swoop bike Vorn's droid will automatically attack you and you'll be able to reduce its health to about 30% but not destroy it.

You'll have two options of locating Vorn at this point, you can place a frag mine on his swoop bike and then wait for him to return. He'll notice the frag mine and disable it then attack your group. Alternatively, you can reprogram Vorn's droid to locate him then follow the droid to where Vorn is hiding.

Rulak Prolik - Upper Shadowlands (Kashyyyk)

Grarwwaar in Upper Shadowlands

Reward: 1000xp and Genoharadan Visor

Rulak Prolik can be found in the southern portion of the Upper Shadowlands and is significantly easier to find if you've killed all of the Tachs in the area previously. You'll want to start by locating the Wookiee corpse just south of Jolee's house. On this corpse you will find a datapad which you'll use to confront Grarwwaar, the Wookiee standing by the campfire a little bit further south of where you found the datapad.

Grarwwaar will transform into Jolee and attack you when you confront him about the datapad. When you get his health low enough he'll transform again and fully heal. Lower his health again and he'll turn into a Tach then run off to the northeast. Check my map below if you need to see the exact location, it's the northeastern most red circle.

Rulan Prolik Map Locations

At Rulak's final location you will find a group of Tachs, speak with the Tach here and attack them until you find Rulak.

Ithorak Guldar - Docking Bay (Manaan)

Vek in Ahto East

Reward: 1000xp and Genoharadan Power Gloves

To start this bounty you'll want to speak with Vek in Ahto East at the Swoop track. You can find the Swoop track in the southern most portion in Ahto East, the location is marked on the map. Vek is a green Twi'lek standing to the south of the registration desk for Swoop racing. Speak with him to arrange a meeting with Ithorak Guldar.

You'll want to head to Docking Bay on Manaan where you will find Vek in the center portion of the map where the road forks, he stops you when you get close enough. Tip: To quickly travel here open your map and use the "Return to the Ebon Hawk" button. If you'd like to, convince Vek with either [Persuade] and 500 Credits or [Force Persuade] to quit his job right now then face Ithorak alone.

Alternatively, allow Vek to be there when you confront Ithorak for the most xp. Without Vek there this fight will be insanely easy since Ithorak isn't even armed, once you're done return to Hulas for your reward.

Ithorak in Docking Bay

Hulas - Dune Sea (Tatooine)

Hulas on tatooine

Once you've finished Vorn, Rulan and Ithorak's bounties you'll learn that all 3 of these people were Overseers in the Genoharadan group and now that Hulas is the only surviving Overseer he'll be taking over. During this dialogue you'll be able to challenge Hulas to a duel and he'll ask you to meet him in the Dune Sea and warn you to come alone or not at all.

Thankfully, it doesn't matter if you show up with Companions as Hulas will too. You will run into Hulas immediately after stepping out of Anchorhead into the Dune Sea. Before engaging the fight you'll have to take a few steps forward so you'll have an opportunity to load up Stims, pop your Shield and use your Force Powers then engage him.

Your rewards for defeating Hulas will be a Genoharadan Mesh Armor and 500 Credits on his corpse. The other Genoharadan enemies here will drop items you received during the Side Quest like Genoharadan Poison Blade and Genoharadan Blaster. Once Hulas is dead the quest is officially concluded.