Titan Quest Farming Locations & Guides

Atlantis Orb Farming

On this page you will find a list of every Farming Location that I felt worth documenting for Titan Quest. Every boss or named enemy that I felt was decent for farming is listed on this page. I've also included some bosses that I don't believe are super worth it for farming (Surtr, Act 1 Telkine, Typhon) since I saw many other posts/articles online of people who farmed these enemies.

These guides were written in 2021 and I've included both the Ragnarok and Atlantis Expansion Packs in this list. All of my locations are separated by the Act that they take place in; click on the link you'd like to learn more about below. It's worth noting that with the addition of the Atlantis Expansion Pack I believe that you should slightly change your methods when it comes to farming gear.

Instead of farming for good items directly you should farm for Gold and the reason for that is in Titan Quest: Atlantis there is an NPC in the town of Gadir that will let you gamble your Gold for items. His name is Pantheras and he is found just south of the Gadir Portal, he's the NPC with the dice icon over top of his head (pictured above).

The Legendary Orb that he sells for 5,000,000 Gold can give you basically every single Blue/Purple item in the game (some sets like Freyja can't be obtained from him afaik). As far as I am aware the only items you can't get with these orbs is Monster Infrequents. He has an Orb for Normal and Epic difficulties too, I typically spend all of the gold I have earned while leveling up and after farming at this NPC and get my gear that way.


(All Acts) Best Locations to farm all of the Charms in Titan Quest


Act 1 Farming Locations

Boar Snatcher Farming Location

Gorgon Queens/Stonebinder's Cuffs Farming Location

Lernean Hydra Farming Location

Telkine (Megalesios) Farming Location


Act 2 Farming Locations

Dark Obelisks EXP Farming Location

Manticore Farming Location

Sandqueen Masika Farming Location

Telkine (Aktaois) Farming Location


Act 3 Farming Locations

Dragon Liche Farming Location

Telkine (Ormenos) Farming Location

Tigermen (Sabretooth) Farming Location

Typhon Farming Location


Act 4 Farming Locations

Bramblewood Bow (Soronis) Farming Location

Hades Farming Location

Secret Passage Farming Location


Act 5 Farming Locations

Asgard Monster Infrequents Farming Location

Dark Lands Portal Farming Location

Fafnir Farming Location

Surtr Farming Location

Tuetoburg Forest EXP Farming Location


Atlantis Farming Locations

Gadir Orb Farming