Boar Snatcher - Act 1 Farming Location

Boar Snatcher in the Spartan Woods

Location: Spartan Woods
Closest Portal: Sparta
Noteable Loot: Comparable loot table to the Act 1 Telkine

Boar Snatcher is one of the new bosses added into the game in the Anniversary Edition that only spawns on Epic and Legendary difficulties. This bosses Majestic Chest has a great loot table on Epic difficulty in comparison to how difficult it is and how easy it is to farm. On Legendary difficulty the loot table isn't that good and it's typically recommended that you farm something better.

All in all, Boar Snatcher is one of the more popular farming locations in Act 1 because he is a very easy boss and very easy to reach. The closest Rebirth Fountain to him is Tegea Village which is a tad bit to the northeast (pictured below). Set this as your Rebirth Fountain and you can do 2-3min Boar Snatcher runs without a problem.

Recommended Resists: Poison

Poison Bite: Deals Poison damage on every hit

Summon Spiders: Much like all bosses in the game, Boar Snatcher can summon Mini me spiders to help him.

Webbing: Shoots webbing at you that will root you to the ground.

Life Leech: Works like the Limos enemies, will drain your life.

Super Bite: High Physical and Pierce damage with a Poison DoT.

When you arrive at the cave marked on my map below, Boar Snatcher will run out to greet you. For the most part it is typically a tank and spank fight for me, after Boar Snatcher is dead head inside of the cave and loot the Majestic Chest for your reward then exit out and restart. Boar Snatcher never drops any loot aside from a Venom Sac Relic, which he drops almost every run.

Boar Snatcher Map Location