Telkine (Aktaios) - Act 2 Farming Location

Aktaios Act 2 Telkine Farming Guide

Location: Valley of the Kings/Tomb of Ramses
Closest Portal: Valley of the Kings
Noteable Loot: One of the best Loot Tables in Act 2

Aside from the Manticore Farming Location, the enemy with the best loot table in Act 2 is the Telkine final boss which you can find in the Tomb of Ramses in the Valley of the Kings. This boss is significantly easier to farm than Manticore since none of his attacks are really capable of one shotting you.

Much like the Manticore, however, each time you want to farm this boss it's going to be an extremely long run. The closest Rebirth Fountain is right next to the Valley of the Kings Portal so you'll be running all the way from here each time you want to fight him.

Valley of the Kings Tomb of Ramses Map Location

If you're a Caster for the fight with Aktaios I strongly recommend using the pillars in his room to avoid the majority of his attacks. My favorite pillar is in the southeastern portion of his room. Melee can still use the pillar trick but will need to come out in order to do damage since Aktaios will almost never follow you behind this pillar.

Aktaios will almost never come to you because he likes to stay in the middle of the arena where his Light of Ra attack can hit you. For melee what I recommend you do is keep an internal clock going in your head since the Light of Ra has a long cooldown. Hide behind the pillar when you think another Light of Ra is coming to avoid it then return to melee when it is over.

Fireballs: He lobs Fireballs at you that also create an AoE on the ground where they land, kinda like Volcanic Orb in Earth Mastery

Light of Ra: Rays of Sunlight burst through the ceiling and deal high Fire Damage to anything it hits. These always come down in the same locations so they are easy to dodge.

Mirror Image: He creates duplicates of himself that can do basic attacks. They are much weaker than he is and you can usually easily tell them apart by how fast their health bar drops. Or a DoT which you had on the boss prior to him duplicating.

Summon Guardians: Two undead dogs are created which will assist him.

Sandstorm: An AoE attack which he does around himself when you melee him. It disrupts your skills and deals heavy damage