Telkine (Ormenos) - Act 3 Farming Location

Ormenos Act 3 Telkine Farming Guide

Location: Wusao Mountain - Typhon's Prison
Closest Portal: Wusao Mountain
Noteable Loot: Adamantine Sickle of Kronos and the best Mystical Orb loot table of Act 3

Note: In my screenshot of Ormenos above you can see him wielding the Adamantine Sickle of Kronos

Ormenos is the penultimate boss of Act 3 and one of the best Telkine in the game to farm. He is easy to get to and has a great loot table, he's also quite easy if you stack the appropriate resists. You can find Ormenos in the bottom of Wusao Mountain at the end of Act 3, the fastest way to get here is by taking the Wusao Mountain Portal and running through all of Wusao Mountain.

This boss is the only boss in the game that can drop an Easter Egg weapon by the name of the Adamantine Sickle of Kronos. It has a fairly low drop chance but it isn't so uncommon that you have to farm for days to see one. I typically see one drop every 3 or 4 characters that I level up, so I would guess around a 10% drop chance.

For the fight with Ormenos you'll want to stack as much Vitality and Cold Resistance as you can, with 50% or more of both you'll be able to eat most of his attacks. Use a Potion every time he makes the ceiling collapse as it's hard to avoid the falling rocks. Kill the imps that he summons and pew pew him down. That's the best advice I can give.

Below you'll find a list of all the abilities that Ormenos will use throughout your fight.

Required Resistances: Vitality and Cold Resistance

Collapse Ceiling: Rocks will fall from the ceiling and do heavy damage to anyone who is hit.

Energy Blast: One of his typical Energy attacks. Deals Vitality and Cold damage as well as interrupts Skills for 3 seconds.

Short Range Energy Blasts: Much like the other Energy Blast just more commonly used. Deals Cold and Vitality damage.

Summon Fire Imps: Creates 4 Magma Sprites which will assist him in battle.

Telekinesis: Picks up a rock from the ground and throws it at the player dealing a lot of Physical Damage.