Dragon Liche - Act 3 Farming Location

Dragon Liche ~ Lord of the Undead

Location: Shrine of Zhong Kui (Epic & Legendary Only)
Closest Portal: Chang'an
Noteable Loot: Second best loot table in Act 3 with only Typhon being better

The Dragon Liche is an optional boss which only spawns on Epic and Legendary difficulties. You can find him south of Chang'an in a cave just off of the Quinba Bamboo Forest. The 3 Mahogany Chests that complete the A General In Repose Side Quest are right next to the cave exit that leads to the Dragon Liche.

Depending on your build and gear this will either be a relatively easy fight or an extremely difficult one. This boss is farmed for two main reasons, the first being the Majestic Chest that he is a guardian for has access to a great loot table. The second reason is because he gives a ton of EXP when he is defeated.

Below are the abilities you should expect to see during your fight with the Dragon Liche.

Required Resists: Poison, Cold and Skill Disruption

Wing Buffet: Does heavy Cold damage to all enemies in front of him, it will also Slow and disrupt any skills for a long time.

Decomposition: This does heavy Poison damage to all targets in front of him and any pets that are hit by this attack will be Mind Controlled for a short time.

Freezing Breath: Anyone caught in the blast will suffer immediate Cold damage and then Cold damage over 7 seconds.

The best advice that can be given for this fight is to stack Poison Resist and Cold Resist. The Dragon Liche has very high resistances to Vitality and low-moderate resistances for all Elemental Damage. Once defeated you can find the Majestic Chest on a small cliff behind where you fight the Dragon Liche.


Dragon Liche Map Location