Lernean Hydra - Act 1 Farming Location

Lernean Hydra Farming Location

Location: Athens Marsh
Closest Portal: Athens; then go south
Noteable Loot: One of the best loot tables in the entire game

The Lernean Hydra is one of the super boss enemies that was added into the game during the Anniversary Edition and only spawns on Legendary difficulty. You can find this super boss in the Athens Marsh which can most easily be accessed by taking the Portal to Athens and running south out of town until you get to the marsh.

Set your Rebirth Fountain at the one a little bit to the north in the Monster Encampment for an easy run to this Hydra each time you restart the game. As for farming the Hydra itself, it's pretty easy once you get the hang of its attacks and this boss has an amazing loot table despite being in Act 1.

Two important things for you to know about this fight, the first is that the Hydra will never use either breath attack if you are in melee range. Pets will help for this fight since they will be able to take most of the hits for you while still allowing you to be very close to the boss if you're a caster/hybrid.

Below are a list of all the attacks you'll have to watch out for when it comes to farming this boss:

Recommended Resistances: Fire, Poison, Cold and Vitality

Fire Breath: Deals Fire Damage over 3 seconds; only used when a player is far away from him

Frost Breath: Deals Cold Damage over 6 seconds; also slows your overall speed by 85% for 6 seconds. Much like Fire Breath this one is only used when a player is far away from the Hydra.

Poison Breath: This is the most deadly breath attack, it'll deal Poison Damage over 8 seconds and lower your health by a percentage, 27 - 31%. Additionally it will reduce your Resistances.

Super Bite: Heavy Physical and Pierce Damage on the initial hit followed by a Poison DoT over 2 seconds.


Lernean Hydra Map Location