Gorgon Queens/Stonebinder's Cuffs - Act 1 Farming Location

Gorgon Queens in Pythian Caves

Location: Pythian Caves
Closest Portal: Parnassus
Noteable Loot: Stonebinder's Cuffs

The Gorgon Queens are one of the most famous farming locations in all of Titan Quest because they're the primary location to farm the Monster Infrequent Stonebinder's Cuffs. This pair of bracers grants you % Elemental Resists as well as +1 to all Skills per difficulty. Which means they give +1 to all Skills in Normal, +2 in Epic and +3 in Legendary.

Stonebinder's Cuffs require a minor amount of Strength and a lot of Dexterity to equip. Despite the Strength requirement many caster builds will still incorporate this item into their gear set due to the % Elemental Resists it grants and +Skills. When I am playing Titan Quest there are very few builds I make that don't use this item, caster or not.

You will find the Gorgon Queen enemies at the entrance to the Pythian Caves (shown on my map below). The closest Portal to this location is Parnassus, from Parnassus travel northeast through the Lower War-Camp and then through the Upper War-Camp. If you plan on farming this area repeatedly make sure you grab the Rebirth Shrine in the Upper War-Camp.

Stonebinders Cuffs Pythian Caves Map Farming Location

Gorgon Geomancer for Stonebinders CuffsGorgon Profaner for Stonebinders Cuffs

As far as farming Stonebinder's Cuffs go the main enemies you'll want to farm are the 3 Gorgon Queens as well as Gorgon Geomancers and Gorgon Profaners (pictured above). Occasionally Cenobia, Queen of Snakes or Iolanthe, Viper of Hellas will spawn in the Pythian Caves as well. These two enemies are Gorgon Heros which also have a chance of dropping the Stonebinder's Cuffs as well.

Allegedly the regular Gorgon enemies do not drop the Stonebinder's Cuffs item - only the few enemies mentioned on this page.

Gorgons that can drop Stonebinder's Cuffs:

Gorgon Queens
Gorgon Geomancers
Gorgon Profaners
Cenobia, Queen of Snakes
Iolanthe, Viper of Hellas