Surtr - Act 5 Farming Location

Surtr Boss Fight Phase 1

Location: Land's End/Eldr Fields
Closest Portal: Muspelheim
Noteable Loot: Loot table has access to all loot in the game

Surtr is the final boss of Act 5 which is the final Act in the game assuming that you own the Titan Quest: Ragnarok Expansion Pack. You can find Surtr in Land's End which is in the northeastern portion of the Eldr Fields zone. The closest Portal to either of these locations is the Muspelheim Portal which puts you in the Silver Shore zone.

Once you've made it to Land's End you'll want to set your Rebirth Fountain in the Land's End - Lady Quarters which is the area just before Surtr (not a coincidence that Surtr's room is connected to the Lady Quarters). It's a short run to Surtr every time you reset the game, which is one of the best things about this Farming Location.

In my opinion this location isn't as worth it as you'd hope it to be. Since Surtr is the final boss of the game you'd assume he'd be the best boss to farm but he really is not. Surtr has access to the best loot table in the game but the problem is he seems to almost never drop anything from that loot table.

The second major problem with Surtr is the fight against him takes too long for most builds. He has two phases and during the second phase he has multiple submerges that slow down the fight. There are many other Farming Locations in the game, such as the Lernean Hydra or even the Atlantis Orb Farming which will net you better results overall.

Surtr Farming Guide Boss Fight

For those of you still interested in farming Surtr, let's go over all of his abilities and the best strategy for defeating him. Keep in mind that Surtr, like many of the bosses in the game, acts differently depending on if your character is in melee or ranged.

During Phase 2 if you're within melee distance of Surtr for the most part all he will use is his regular melee attack and his Ground Smack ability. If you're ranged he'll throw molten rocks and fire balls at you every couple of seconds. Below is a list of all the abilities I personally have seen Surtr use as well as a little information about each one.

Recommended Resistances: Fire and Physical

(Phase 1) Fire Wall: Surtr conjures up a fire wall from a pit of fire and throws it at you. Deals Fire Damage.

(Phase 1) Eruption: Works just like the Earth ability does. Creates a small fissure on the ground that spits our fire orbs. Deals Fire Damage.

(Phase 1) Fire Armor: He puts a small ring of fire around himself. It seems like this ability damages you when you are close to him but I am unsure. Doesn't last long.

(Phase 2) Ground Smack: He will slam his two hands into the ground smacking it. Deals high Physical Damage to anyone hit by it. I think he only uses this ability when you are within melee range.

(Phase 2) Lobbing Fire Ball: Surtr throws a dark red Fire Ball at you that creates a circle of red on the ground that deals damage to anyone standing in it. Both the Fire Ball and the spot on the ground deal Fire Damage. I think he only uses this ability when you are at range from him.

(Phase 2) Molten Rock Throw: The other thing Surtr likes to throw at people is molten rocks. These explode on impact and shoot out a bunch of miniature rocks kind of like the Molten Orb Earth Ability. I'd assume it deals Physical and Fire Damage like that ability too.