Typhon - Act 3 Farming Location

Typhon Act 3 Boss Battle

Location: Olympus
Closest Portal: Olympus
Noteable Loot: One of the best loot tables in the entire game

Typhon is the final boss of Act 3 in Titan Quest and was the final boss of the original game prior to the Immortal Throne expansion. Despite there being more Acts added to the game and different final bosses, Typhon still takes the cake as the hardest boss of them all. Since Typhon was the original end boss of the game that means he has one of the best loot tables in the game too making him good to farm.

When deciding whether or not you want to farm Typhon you need to ask yourself if the amount of time it takes you to kill him is worth the loot you'll receive. While Typhon does have one of the best loot tables in the game he is also a very time consuming and difficult boss. Typically a Typhon run will take 5 - 10 minutes depending on your build and gear which is a lot of time for very little, albiet sometimes rather good, loot.

For this reason many people will typically farm Ormenos instead, the Telkine that comes just before Typhon in Act 3. He has a slightly worse loot table but he is significantly easier for you to kill. The choice is yours, however, and you should choose the one best suited to you. I personally almost never farm Typhon exclusively due to how long it takes to get to him and kill him.

Typhon Covered in Thorns
Typhon has his Thorns active in this screenshot.

As for the fight with Typhon, it'll vary highly depending on your build and skill set. Melee will have the hardest time with Typhon since the majority of his abilities are short range and his Thorns only hurt those who deal close-range Physical damage. Casters will be able to more easily kite Typhon around the room avoiding his attacks and dealing damage to him.

If you're a pet build you will have the hardest time with Typhon of all since you basically can not use your pets on this boss. His Health Leech breath will result in him devouring your pets and significantly healing himself so it's better to just avoid using the pets at all.

For this fight Vitality Resistance is typically the most important but getting Fire Resist as well as Lightning will help a lot too. While Typhon does use Poison attacks it is much more uncommon than the others. Vitality is the most important resist by far due to the fact that Typhon likes to use his Health Leech often and any damage you take from Health Leech will be returned to Typhon. For this reason you want to reduce the damage and healing Typhon can do with your Vitality Resistance.

Below is a list of all the abilities you should expect Typhon to use as well as a little bit of information about each ability.

Poison Orb: Typhon chucks a Poison orb in front of him that explodes on impact. He'll follow this attack up with an Energy Leech.

Energy Leech: Typon does a breath animation that leech's energy from you and is blue. The closer you are to him when he does this the more Energy he'll leech from you.

Health Leech: Much like the Energy Leech, this is a red breath attack that steals your life instead. He only does these leech attacks when you are close to him.

Fire Breath: Standard fire breath attack that deals fire damage.

Meteor Shower: Probably the most deadly attack Typhon does or top 2. There is an audio trigger letting you know that this attack has begun, listen for it then move before they hit you. Meteors will most likely kill you if you do not dodge them.

Thorns: Typhon will coat his entire body in thorns for a few seconds. You'll kill yourself if you deal Physical Damage and you attack him during this time.

Lightning Ball: He'll toss a ball of Lightning in front of him which deals Lightning Damage.