Charm Farming Locations in Titan Quest: Immortal Throne & Ragnarok

On this page I have documented all of the different Charms that you can find in Titan Quest and the expansion they were added in as well as the best locations to find them. This page only contains the locations for Charms since Charms can only be found off of specific enemies like Monster Infrequents.

Relics on the other hand can be found off multiple different types of enemies but usually only drop in the expansion/content they were released with. If you need a lot of Relics I recommend using the Atlantis Orb Farming Method as you'll get tons from doing that.


(Immortal Throne - Act 4) Albino Spider Web: Drops from Albino Spiders in Act 4. There are two good locations to farm this, one is in the Prison of Souls of Hades Palace and the second is in the Cave of Whispers where the Eurydice and Orpheus Side Quest takes place.


Bat Fang: Drops from Bats. Act 1 is the best place to farm this, Parnassus Caves has a bunch of bats as do many of the caves towards the start of the game. In Parnassus Caves you can find a bunch of Demon enemies too for Demon's Blood.


Boar Hide: Drops from Boars, Act 1 has a lot of them especially around the Ambrossos Farmlands. While you're in the area it is recommended you hunt any Harpies you find too as Pristine Plumage is a great charm.


(Ragnarok - Act 5) Cold Essence: Drops from Nixies and Frost Giants in Act 5. The best location to farm these is probably from the Ice Giants in Jotunheim (end of Act 5). You can farm Nixies in Suebi Lakelands but they are significantly more annoying to kill than Frost Giants.


(Immortal Throne - Act 4) Crystal of Erebus: Drops from Shards of Erebus in Hades Palace. You can't actually farm this Charm, you can only get 5 per difficulty per character and you'll obtain them by destroying the Shards of Erebus inside of Hades' Palace. For more information about where to find them and this quest check out my The Shards of Erebus Side Quest Guide.


Demon Blood: Drops from any Demon enemy in all Acts. Wusao Mountain would be the hardest place to farm these but probably the best. Act 5 Ash Devils in Eldr Fields almost always gets me a full Charm too. Act 1 Minoan Labyrinth would be much easier and still good, Act 2 Valley of the Kings, Act 4 in Tower of Judgement.


Diseased Plumage: Drops from Crows. You can find packs of Crows and Harpies mixed together all over Act 1. I'd recommend hunting the Harpies at the same time since they can give you Pristine Plumage which is another really great Charm.


(Ragnarok - Act 5) Dragon's Blood: Can be found as a drop from Dragonspawn enemies in Act 5 as well as from Fafnir, Nidhogger, Ladon (Atlantis) and Tiamat (Atlantis). Dragonspawns can be found rarely in the Yggdrasil area but afaik do not have a 100% chance of spawning.


(Ragnarok - Act 5) Eitr: Drops from enemies with Yggdrasil in their name in Act 5. You can only find these enemies in a few areas throughout all of Act 5; any enemy with Yggdrasil in their name can drop this charm. Yggdrasil Glade, Yggdrasil Root as well as the Silver Shore (Portal) are the best locations to find these enemies.


(Ragnarok - Act 5) Fungoid Spores: These drop from the Fungoid enemies throughout Act 5. I would argue the best spot to farm them is east of the Dark Lands Portal in the Cavern of the Fungoids area. For a map and directions to get here check out my Dark Lands Portal Farming Location.


(Immortal Throne - Act 4) Furies' Heartblood: Drops from Furies in Act 4. The best location to find this enemy is The Salt Flats as well as in the green pastures of Elysium.


(Ragnarok - Act 5) Golem Heart: Can be found off of Crystal Golems which spawn in the Secret Tunnel/Seventh Branch of Yggdrasil as well as Mimer's Maze. The Secret Tunnel and Seventh Branch of Yggdrasil is the best location to farm these, you can easily access these two areas by taking the southern 'secret' door out of the Master Forge. Closest Portal is the Dark Lands Portal.


Hag's Skin: Drops from Harpies in Act 2. You can find a lot of them in the areas after the Rhakotis Library at the start of the act. There are also some Harpies in the same area where you farm the Sandwing Queen.


(Immortal Throne - Act 4) Hydradon Hide: Drops from Hydradon enemies in Act 4. You can find these enemies in Ixian Woods, Soronis, Tomb of Tsakonian Queens, Tsakonian Ruins, The Salt Flats and The Far Plains. In my opinion the best locations to farm it is Soronis.


Lupine Claws: Drops from dogs, wolves, hyenas etc in all Acts. My favorite farming location for these is probably in Act 5, Hercynian Forest has a few good locations and Jotunheimr Wasteland is also good. Take a Portal to Jotunheim and go east and a bunch of wolves will agro you from super far away. Rhine Forest as well as Yggdrasil Glade are honorable mentions; both are great locations to farm it too.


Mechanical Parts: Drops from Automatoi and Traps - most mechanical enemies in all Acts. Knossus Palace has plenty of mechanical enemies that will drop these. Mimer's Maze is another place with a lot of mechanical enemies, albiet more annoying to farm. This Charm is pretty common as you'll be killing a lot of traps throughout the game.


Peng Claw: Drops from Peng enemies in Act 3. You'll find a ton of these enemies across The Great Wall in Act 3, it's the best place to farm this Charm by far.


(Ragnarok - Act 5) Primal Magma: Almost all fire enemies in Upper/Lower Ashlands, Eldr Fields and Land's End will drop this item. IMO the best place to farm it is by clearing all of Land's End, the building right before Surtr. You'll usually get a couple each clear.


Pristine Plumage: Drops from Harpies and Eagles in all Acts. Many places in Act 1 are good to farm for this, Triton Ridge, Helicos Valley, Kephisos Valley. More locations can be found on the wikia here.


Raptor Tooth: Drops from Raptors in Act 3. Chumbi Valley, Tsongmo Peak (Mystery In the Mountains Side Quest area), Quinba Bamboo Forest (A General In Repose Quest Area), Qiyun Ascent are all good places to farm this.


Rigid Carapace: Drops from Insects in all Acts. One of the best locations is the beetles throughout Giza in Act 2. Gardens of Babylon has a lot of insectoid enemies too, specifically mantis enemies which drop them.


Saber Claw: Drops from Saber Lion enemies in Act 3. You can find these throughout the snowy areas of Act 3 at the start of the act. Silk Road, Bactrian Woods and Tsongmo Peak (Mystery In the Mountains Side Quest area) are all good locations for you to farm this item.


(Immortal Throne - Act 4) Spiny Shell: These can be found as drops from the crab enemies in Act 4 only. Best location to farm these crabs is on the Rhodes beach, the first area of Act 4. You can find more crabs in the same location as the A Crab Story Side Quest too.


Spectral Matter: Drops from Undead enemies in all Acts. Giza Plateau, Valley of the Kings, Tomb of Ramses, Tomb of Amenhetep, Tomb of Merenptah (Act 2) are all decent locations to farm this. The Cave Behind The Waterfall takes place in during Act 3 isn't bad nor is the cave White Gold takes place in during Act 5.


(Immortal Throne - Act 4) Tortured Soul: The Epiales enemies that you can find in a couple different places throughout Act 4 drop this item. The first floor of Tower of Judgment has a lot of them as do The Dread Halls locations. Tower of Judgment is probably the best for farming them as it's right next to a Portal.


(Ragnarok - Act 5) Troll Tusks: Can be found as a drop from the large trolls which carry/chuck boulders at you. The best spots to farm these are Lemberg, Heuneburg Outskirts and the Troll Camps.


Turtle Shell: Drops from Turtles in all Acts. There are only a few places to farm this item, Megara Coast, Halcyon Coast, Phocian Swamps and Athens Marsh in Act 1 are arguably the best locations. You can also find this item from the turtles at the start of Act 5 in the Corinth Harbour Quarter.


Venom Sac: Drops from Spiders and Scorpions in all Acts. Where The Poisoned Spring takes place and A Proper Offering in Act 1 is a great place to farm this item. These enemies can also drop Deathweaver's Legtip which is an extremely good Rogue Monster Infrequent.


Vile Ichor: Drops from worm enemies and other creepy crawlers. The best place to farm worms is in Act 2, almost every tomb or cave has this enemy.


Viny Growth: Drops from Plants. Gardens of Babylon is a good place to hunt them as is south of Chang'an inbetween Chang'an and the Village of Bixan (Jade Palace Portal). I also personally like the Teutoburg Forest area in Act 5, it's great for EXP and Viny Growth Charms. I found Teutoburg Forest to be such a good location I made a whole farming guide just for it!


Yeti Fur: Drops from Yetis. Almost all the snowy areas throughout Act 3 will have plenty of Yeti. The best place to find them imo is just outfront of Tsongmo Ice Cavern in Act 3. It's the same location where the A Gargantuan Yeti Side Quest takes place. Speaking of that Yeti, he almost always drops a Yeti Fur Charm when defeated too.