Bramblewood Bow Monster Infrequent - Act 4 Farming Location

Anouran Enemies in Soronis

Location: Soronis and Tsakonian Ruins in Act 4
Closest Portal: Medea's Grove
Noteable Loot: Batrachos Set, Witch Doctor's Set and Bramblewood Bow

The Bramblewood Bow is a Monster Infrequent that drops from the Anouran (frogs) in Act 4 of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne. This weapon made my list of Best Monster Infrequents in the game and is regarded as one of the best bows in the entire game by many players. Essentially this is one of your chase items as an Archer, an item that you can farm over and over and over as you cross your fingers and hope for a good prefix/affix on the bow.

As aforementioned the type of monster that you will want to farm for the Bramblewood Bow is the Anouran enemies in Act 4. The best place for you to find these guys is in the Soronis swamp area which you find just north of Medea's Grove, pictured below. There are other locations you can find these frog enemies too but the swamp and Tsakonian Ruins next to the swamp are arguably the best spots to farm them.

To reach Soronis take the Portal to Medea's Grove then travel north through the Ampelian Caves until you reach Soronis. Clear all of Soronis and if you'd like to hunt some of Tsakonian Ruins you can too. There is a Rebirth Shrine on the Soronis/Tsakonian Ruins border which is the one I typically like to grab while farming this location.

Tip: Always kill the Hero enemies when hunting for Monster Infrequents as they'll almost always have a better drop chance.

Soronis Swamp Map Location

For the most part the Anouran enemies that drop this bow are nothing to fear individually. You will need to be a little bit careful when you enter the large camps of Anourans in Soronis but even then assuming that you have good gear/a good build they'll still be easy. One of the things that make these enemies so easy to kill is that they have a tendency to flee from you when engaged in combat. They typically don't flee very far and they turn around to fight you again shortly after but their attempt at fleeing greatly decreases the amount of damage you take from them.

You can find lots of other Monster Infrequents from these frogs as well. The Batrachos Set that these enemies drop used to be extremely overpowered but was nerfed in the Anniversary Edition of the game. Players with an older version of the game that hasn't been updated yet can still take advantage of this set of gear.

Anourans also drop the Witch Doctor's Set which is a very good early caster set if you've made it to Act 4 and have nothing better yet.