Asgard Monster Infrequents (Act 5) Farming Guide - Titan Quest: Ragnarok

Asgard Monster Infrequent Farming Guide

Location: Asgard
Closest Portal: Asgard
Noteable Loot: Valholl Monster Infrequents and Boots of the Valkyrie

The Ragnarok Expansion Pack for Titan Quest added many new Farming Locations to the game; arguably the best one out of the bunch is this one in Asgard. What makes this location so good is the Monster Infrequents that drop here off the Humanoid and Valkyrie enemies.

Almost all of the Valholl Monster Infrequents in the game drop from these enemies as well as the extremely good Boots of the Valkyrie. The Helm of Valholl is a great item to keep with you if you need a piece of Vitality swap gear for bosses like Hades and the Harness of Valholl is a great item to keep if you need Bleeding Resistance on a swap piece for bosses like Yaoguai or the Golden Boar in Act 5.

Buskins of Valholl and Armguards of Valholl are the two remaining Monster Infrequents. Buskins come with Stun Resist as well as a few other minor buffs and the Armguards come with Slow Resist which are very helpful for a melee. If you can get either of these two items with a good affix roll on them they may be worth using for your character.

Last but not least you have the Boots of the Valkyrie item which is arguably the best Monster Infrequent added into the game in Titan Quest: Ragnarok. It's often compared to Stonebinder's Cuffs by veterans of the game since it is a rare Monster Infrequent which grants + all Skills.

Asgard Farming Location 1Valholl Map Locations
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As for your farming route through this area, you're going to be making a perfect circuit from the Asgard Portal right back to it. You will want to start by going southwest from the Asgard Portal until the grass stops and the path splits; at this point you'll want to follow the stone pathway northeast into Valholl. If you're having trouble with my directions use my map screenshots above.

Valholl is going to be the main area that you will be farming for these Monster Infrequents since it is the most dense area and forms a perfect circuit. If you'd like you can farm all of the Gladsheim/Asgard portions of this area as well but that's up to you. I find it is more time efficient to just clear Valholl and then reset; there are also more Valkyries inside Valholl (if you're farming specifically for Boots of the Valkyrie) than outside in my experience.

Out of all the enemies in Valholl the one you need to fear most are the Einherjar ~ Battleborn enemies. These guys drop Battle Standards which will significantly buff the damage output of all enemies nearby. It's important that you keep an eye out for this ability and drag the pack of enemies you're fighting out of the Battle Standard's area of effect.

Below are a couple of examples of the sorts of Monster Infrequents that you will find at this location. The program I am using to take these screenshots is TQVault, it displays both the prefix and suffix on Monster Infrequent items which the game does not do. The program also offers you a massive amount of storage and many other useful features, I highly recommend it to all Titan Quest players.

Voracious Einherjars Fate of Erudition
An Einherjar's Fate with both a prefix and suffix.

Impenetrable Buskins of Valholl of Regeneration
Buskins of Valholl with both a prefix and suffix on them.

Juggernauts Buskins of Valholl
Veterans Armguards of Valholl
Decent Valholl Monster Infrequents with just a prefix and no suffix.