Tuetoburg Forest (Act 5) EXP Farming Location - Titan Quest: Ragnarok

Teutoburg Forest Spriggling and Spriggan Enemies

Location: Teutoburg Forest
Closest Portal: Glauberg
Noteable Loot: N/A

If you're looking to grind EXP in Titan Quest and own the Ragnarok Expansion this is the location that I recommend most to you. Players with only Immortal Throne will have to settle for either the Act 2 Dark Obelisk EXP Farming Location or Grave EXP Farming as they will be unable to access Teutoburg Forest.

To get to Teutoburg Forest you'll want to take the Portal to Glauberg in Act 5. From here you will want to run north out of town and through the Weser Uplands until you reach the forest. On the Teutoburg Forest/Weser Uplands border you'll find a Rebirth Shrine which I recommend you grab so that when you reset the game you will return here.

The main enemy that we're going to be farming in Teutoburg Forest is the Spriggan enemy which when defeated will spawn 2 Sprigglings. Both the Spriggans and Sprigglings give a decent amount of EXP and they can be found in large numbers throughout this area which is what makes this location so worth farming for EXP.

Teutoburg Forest Farming Location

Farming this location is pretty straight forward and simple. You'll want to set your Rebirth Shrine at the Weser Uplands/Tuetoburg Forest zone line and then clear the entire swamp area north until you hit the next Rebirth Shrine. This covers all of the Spriggan enemies in the area.

I'd recommend your character have at least 50% Poison Resistance before hunting here as the Forest Creepers will eat you alive if you have negative or low Poison Resistance. Aside from that there are no enemies here worth noting or fearing.