Dark Obelisks - Act 2 EXP Farming Location

Dark Obelisk at Temple of Hatshepsut

Location: Temple of Hatshepsut
Closest Portal: Thebes
Noteable Loot: This is an EXP Farming Location

When people ask what the best EXP Farming location in Titan Quest is, this location is typically the one most commonly mentioned. I personally think the Act 5 Tuetoburg Forest EXP Farming Location is a bit better but that requires the Ragnarok expansion or you can always do the cheap way of leveling up, Grave EXP Farming.

Throughout the game you'll encounter enemies like the Dark Obelisks frequently and you may have already noticed that they give significantly more EXP than the regular enemies. This location simply takes advantage of that fact. Just outside the Temple of Hatshepsut in Act 2 you will find 6 Dark Obelisk enemies to kill and an extremely close Rebirth Shrine just inside of the temple.

Temple of Hatshepsut Dark Obelisk Map Locations

Each of the 6 Dark Obelisk enemies are marked on my map above. When you first arrive at this location you will want to enter the Temple of Hatshepsut and grab the Rebirth Fountain near the door then return outside and destroy all 6 Dark Obelisks. Each one gives about 25-30k EXP on Legendary difficulty.

Depending on your build and class you can typically do a run that takes out all 6 Dark Obelisks in about 2 to 3 minutes. Log out and back in to respawn at the Rebirth Shrine and then rinse and repeat. The big selling point of this farming location is the proximity to the Rebirth Shrine since it will make your farming runs very fast and easy.