Tigermen Monster Infrequents - Act 3 Farming Location

Tigerman Act 3 Farming Location

Location: Jinghe River Valley
Closest Portal: Jade Palace
Noteable Loot: Sabertooth, Prowler's Cuffs, Prowler's Cuirass

The Tigermen in Act 3 are an enemy that almost all melee stop to farm while going through the game. You can find these enemies in many places throughout Act 3 but my favorite spot to farm them is the Jinghe River Valley (pictured below). The concentration of them here is so high, there are two Rebirth Shrines on either side of this zone for you to grab and a Portal just to the north for quick travel to this location. It's got everything you could ask for in a good farming location.

As far as loot goes, the primary reason that people farm these enemies is for the Sabertooth Sword that they drop. This weapon is arguably one of the best weapons in the game for almost all melee builds and it is extremely easy to farm up since it is a Monster Infrequent from these Tigermen. Most builds use the Sabertooth Sword until they make it to Asgard in Act 5 then they pick up an Einherjar's Fate.

Tigermen also drop Prowler's Gear most noticeably Prowler's Cuffs, although Prowler's Curiass isn't that bad either. This gear will need to roll with a good suffix and prefix (or at least one of the two) to be any good, however. When it comes to the Sabertooth Sword you don't need an affix to make it good but it definitely wouldn't hurt either.

Tigermen Act 3 Farming Map Location

For the most part farming this location will be pretty easy and straight forward. The only enemies you will have to keep an eye out for are the Draconic enemies which you can find all throughout Act 3 and the Tigerman Pack Leader enemies (pictured below).

Tigerman Pack Leaders have the War Banner ability which is an insane buff to all allies standing in the area of effect. It's extremely important, especially if you have lackluster gear, to move out of this banner's AoE as soon as you notice it. Failure to do so will typically result in your quick demise since the enemies standing inside the banner area will start pumping out crazy damage.

Tigerman Pack Leader enemy