Sandqueen Masika - Act 2 Farming Location

Sandqueen Masika Act 2 Farming Guide

Location: Sobek Plateau
Closest Portal: Memphis
Noteable Loot: Good starter loot for Epic/Legendary

Sandqueen Masika is one of the more popular farming locations in Titan Quest due to how easy she is to defeat, how good of loot she gives and how close to a Rebirth Fountain she is. This is a good "starter" farming location for players who are on Epic/Legendary and need to farm up some better gear in order to proceed.

To reach Sandqueen Masika for the first time you'll want to take the Portal to Memphis in Act 2. From Memphis you'll want to go out of the northern gate and into the Desert Waste zone; travel northeast out of this zone until you reach Sobek Plateau which is where you'll find Sandqueen Masika. On the border of Desert Waste and Sobek Plateau you'll find a Rebirth Fountain (shown in screenshot below), grab that fountain if you plan to farm this boss multiple times since it is the closest location.

Note: Sandqueen Masika will only spawn in the location mentioned below with the Anniversary Edition of the game. In previous versions of the game Sandqueen Masika was a Hero enemy which could spawn in place of any Harpy throughout Act 2. However in the Anniversary Edition she got a static spawn which is shown on my map below.

Sand Queen Masika Map Locations

As for the fight with Sandqueen Masika, it's quite easy and rather straight forward. She has two attacks which can be an issue to some players, the first of which is her Sandstorm and the second is her Wild Fire. The sand whirlwind aka Sandstorm will slow your Attack and Casting speed if you stand in it/get hit by it as well as deal a minor amount of damage.

Masika's other ability is Wild Fire which will create a patch of fire on the ground that will deal Fire and Burn damage. If you have even a moderate amount of Fire Resistance you can stand in this fire and take almost no damage. However for anyone lacking the appropriate resistances, you'll have to avoid this attack.