Telkine (Megalesios) - Act 1 Farming Location

Megalesios ~ Telkine Act 1 Farming Guide

Location: Minoan Labyrinth
Closest Portal: Knossus
Noteable Loot: Best loot table in Act 1

Megalesios is the first Telkine that you come across in Titan Quest and the final boss of Act 1. Since he is the final boss of Act 1 he naturally has one of the best loot tables of all the enemies you face in Act 1. Typically if you're looking to get a couple of good items early on in the game or when you make it to Epic/Legendary difficulty this is a good boss to farm.

This location comes with one of the largest downsides for farming, however, which is it's super annoying to get to him. Each time you want to farm this Telkine you'll need to go through the Minotaur Lord in the adjacent room first. This boss can be much more difficult than this one depending on what your build is, casters in particular have trouble with the Minotaur Lord.

Minotaur Lord doesn't drop that good of loot either, he just adds additional time to your farming run. For this reason, I personally never farm this location - however this is still one of the most popular farming locations when I Google so I decided to learn all I could about it and write a guide for it anyway.

If you'd like to learn more about the Minotaur Lord as well as see multiple maps which contain directions of how to get through the Minoan Labyrinth I recommend you check out my Under the Labyrinth (Act 1) Quest Walkthrough. It'll contain all of that information and more.

Below are all of the abilities you should expect Megalesios to use during your fight with him.

Mind Control Blast: Deals lightning damage and Mind Controls any pets who are near him.

Ranged Vitality Disrupt: Slow moving projectile that will disrupt you if it hits you and deals Vitality damage. This is the primary attack he'll use against you if you are ranged.

Spectral Blast: Short range Lightning attack; he'll use this if you get close enough to him to melee.

Summon Limos: Megalesios will create two Limos which will use Life Leech abilities on you and your allies that return HP to Megalesios.

Thunderball: The same skill from the Storm Mastery tree. Deals Lightning Damage. Megalesios has the synergy from the Storm Mastery tree too, Concussive Blast.

A tip for the start of this fight, to only face two of the four statues at a time run to either the north wall or the south wall and hug it. When the statues become active you will only agro the 2 near you. During the fight Megalesios will only use his Energy Blast and Thunderball attacks if you are far away from him. If you're in melee range he will use Spectral Blast and Mind Control Blast.


Minoan Labyrinth Telkine Map Location