Manticore Super Boss - Act 2 Farming Location

Location: Fayum Desert/Sandswept Cave
Closest Portal: Fayum
Noteable Loot: Best loot table in Act 2

The Manticore boss is one of the 'super bosses' in Titan Quest who only spawns on Epic and Legendary difficulties. You'll be able to find this boss at the bottom of the Sandswept Cave in eastern Fayum Desert. The fastest way to get here is to take the Portal to Fayum Oasis and go east until you find the Sandswept Cave (pictured below).

Prior to fighting the Manticore boss you will want to load up on as much Poison and Lightning Resistance as possible since most of this bosses damage will be either of those two. This fight will be extremely difficult, harder than the final bosses of Act 1 and Act 2. What makes the Manticore so worth farming despite his difficulty is he has access to a much better loot table than most enemies throughout Act 2 and that includes the Telkine end boss.

Sandswept Cave Map Location

As aforementioned the Manticore is at the bottom of the Sandswept Cave and it's quite a long run to get to the bottom of this cave. If you die on this boss the closest Rebirth Fountain is all the way back in Fayum Oasis which means you'll have to do this entire run again. This is by far the worst part of this farming location.

Note: If you have access to Acts 4 and 5 there are typically easier farming locations that provide you with just as good or better loot. Manticore is a very difficult location compared to the rewards it gives you and is typically most useful to players who lack better farming options.

Manticore has a one shot mechanic which is the primary reason I hate this farming location and this boss. Lightning Breath deals a lot of damage even with max Lightning Resistance and Pounce will typically one shot you unless you have enough Physical Resistance to avoid death. In which case the Poison DoT will most likely kill you.

Lightning Breath: One of the Manticore's most deadly attacks, even with high Lightning Resist it still deals a lot of damage. It's best to try and avoid this ability.

Pounce: The Manticore will jump to you and deal a large amount of Physical and Poison damage upon impact. Keep an eye on the Manticore rearing back for the queue that this ability is coming. When you see the Manticore about to use it run in the opposite direction; getting hit by it will typically result in your death.

Poison Quill: Spikes are thrown at you which deal Physical and Poison damage.

The most important thing you need to remember for this boss is to avoid Pounce. If Pounce hits you, you're basically dead. Manticore himself drops no loot but you will find his Majestic Chest in the north-central portion of the room. Along the outskirts of this whole room there is a chance for other Majestic Chests to spawn too - but they won't have as good a loot table as Manticore's chest.