Dark Lands Nameds - Act 5 Farming Location

Austri and Nar Dvergr Overlords

Location: Halls of the Dvergr & Cavern of the Fungoids
Closest Portal: Dark Lands
Noteable Loot: They are in Act 5 so they have some of the best named loot tables

This Farming Location is found in Act 5 which is inaccessible unless you own the Titan Quest: Ragnarok Expansion Pack. When you teleport to the Dark Lands Portal either of the two directions you can go have bosses nearby - those two bosses are what we'll be hunting for this Farming Location.

If you've ever played Diablo 2 you may be familiar with the Shenk and Eldritch Farming Location in Act 5 - this location is basically the same exact concept as that one. You will typically want to visit this location after you have already completed your main farming run prior to resetting the game. Look at it like another set of bosses to defeat each time prior to restarting your game.

Neither of these bosses drop the best loot in the game but they are easy to defeat and very close to the Dark Lands Portal which makes them worth it as far as efficiency goes. In the Halls of the Dvergr on your way to take out Austri and Nar you'll also have a chance of getting some of the nice Master Forge Monster Infrequents that can drop or a pair of Dvergr Runestones. (Master Forge Armbands, Master Forge Helmet, Master Forge Greaves, Master Forge Cuirass and Dvergr Runestones). If you'd like to learn more about why these items are worth it check out my Beginner Monster Infrequents List.

Both of the named enemies you'll want to defeat are mentioned below as well as a little information about beating them. If you need help finding either of these enemies check out my screenshots below for their exact locations.

Austri and Nar: During the first phase of this fight a Poison Breath and Melee attack are the most commonly used abilities. After you defeat the beast that these two guys are riding, Austri and Nar will dismount. Austri is a Rogue who will focus almost entirely on melee attacks and getting behind you to deal damage whereas Nar is a caster who will use primarily fire damage spells. Both NPCs have a higher than normal chance to drop the Dvergr Monster Infrequents.

The Great Shroom: His club attack as well as the small ball he throws at you can stun you. He also does a purple-ish colored breath attack that will put you to sleep. Deals primarily Physical and Poison damage.

Austri and Nar Halls of Dvergr Map Location

The Great Shroom Map Location