Titan Quest Acts 1 - 5 Walkthrough

On this page you will find links to every Story Quest and Side Quest in Titan Quest, Immortal Throne and Ragnarok. Currently I do not have guides for Atlantis but when/if I add them you'll be able to find links to them at the bottom of the page. All of these guides were written in 2021 and contain pictures, unlike many of the other guides for this game online.


(Act 1) Main Quest 1 - A Troubled Village (Road to Helos)
1.1 Monstrous Brigands (Laconia)
1.2 The Cornered Man (Laconia Woods)
1.3 Medicines Waylaid (Laconia Hills)

(Act 1) Main Quest 2 - Spartans at War (Village of Helos) (1 Skill Point)
2.1 The Lost Dowry (Laconia Hills)
2.2 The Ancient of War (Spartan War-Camp)
2.3 The Poisoned Spring (Village of Tegea) (+75 / +150 / +200 Health)

(Act 1) Main Quest 3 - The Words of the Oracle (Spartan War-Camp)
3.1 Skeleton Raiders (City of Megara)
3.2 News of a Shipwreck (City of Megara)

(Act 1) Main Quest 4 - The Source of the Monsters (City of Delphi)
4.1 A Proper Offering (City of Megara) (Resistance Bonus)
4.2 The Good Centaur (Ambrossos Farmlands) (2 Attribute Points)
4.3 A Master Blacksmith (Village of Ambrossos)
4.4 Goods Abandoned (Village of Ambrossos)
4.5 The Grieving Widow (City of Delphi)

(Act 1) Main Quest 5 - The Battle for Athens (Pythian Caves)
5.1 Trapped in the Ruins (Kephisos Valley)
5.2 Spartans Lost (Kephisos Valley)

(Act 1) Main Quest 6 - The Order of Prometheus (Athenian Battleground)

(Act 1) Main Quest 7 - Under the Labyrinth (Athens Catacombs - Level V) (Second Inventory Bag)
7.1 Xanthippus the Healer (Village of Herakleion)
7.2 The Undead Tyrant (Village of Herakleion)

(Act 1) Main Quest 8 - The Blindness of the Gods (Room of the Conduit)

(Act 2) Main Quest 1 - The Blindness of the Gods (City of Rhakotis)
1.1 The Family Heirloom (City of Rhakotis)
1.2 The Beast of Legend (Wadjet Canyons) (2 Skill Points)
1.3 Plight of the Nile Farmers (Village of Sais)
1.4 A Promethean Surrounded (The Lower Nile)

(Act 2) Main Quest 2 - The Invocation (Memphis Plaza) (2 Attribute Points)
2.1 Lowest of the Low (Beggars Quarter)
2.2 The High Priest's Request (Memphis Plaza)
2.3 The Missing Brother (Memphis Plaza)
2.4 Khufu's Curse (Giza Plateau)
2.5 A Hidden Treasure (Fayum Oasis)
2.6 Caravan Woes (Fayum Oasis)

(Act 2) Main Quest 3 - A Telkine in Egypt (Memphis Plaza) (2 Skill Points)
3.1 The Corrupted Priest (Temple of Seti)

(Act 2) Main Quest 4 - The Sickle of Kronos (Temple of Seti)

(Act 3) Main Quest 1 - The Sickle of Kronos (Temple of Seti) (Third Inventory Bag)

(Act 3) Main Quest 2 - Hunt for the Sickle (Temple of Marduk)
2.1 The Seeds of Destruction (Babylon Outskirts)
2.2 A Gargantuan Yeti (Shangshung Village) (+100% Health for pets)
2.3 Mystery in the Mountains (Shangshung Village)
2.4 Caravan in Trouble (Natu La Ridge)
2.5 The Child and the Raptor (Village of Guanzhong)
2.6 Peng Problems (The Great Wall)
2.7 Stalker in the Woods (Village of Zhidan)
2.8 The Wealthy Collector (Village of Zhidan)
2.9 A Lesson in Despair (Jingyang Woods)

(Act 3) Main Quest 3 - Journey to the Jade Palace (City of Chang'an)
3.1 The Emperor's Clay Soldiers (City of Chang'an) (2 Attribute Points)
3.2 Terra Cottas At Large (City of Chang'an)
3.3 Behind the Waterfall (Jinghe River Valley)
3.4 A General in Repose (Quinba Bamboo Forest)
3.5 The Hermit Mage (Village of Binxan)
3.6 Three Sisters (Qiyun Ascent / Jinghe Wetlands)

(Act 3) Main Quest 4 - Under Wusao Mountain (The Jade Palace)

(Act 3) Main Quest 5 - Olympus (Typhon's Prison)

(Act 4) Main Quest 1 - A Mysterious Message (Temple of Apollo)
1.1 A Crab Story (City of Rhodes)
1.2 An Impossible Task (City of Rhodes)
1.3 The Torch-Lighter's Gauntlet (Coastal Asomata)
1.4 Outpost in the Woods (Ixian Woods)

(Act 4) Main Quest 2 - Medea's Price (Medea's Grove)
2.1 The Stolen Sigil (Medea's Grove)
2.2 The Wealth of Ancient Kings (Medea's Grove)
2.3 Lampido's Potion (Medea's Grove) (+Strength, +Health)
2.4 The Treasure Hunters (Tsakonian Ruins)

(Act 4) Main Quest 3 - The Road to Hades (Medea's Grove)
3.1 Among the Ruins (Epirus - Refugee Camp)
3.2 A Dangerous Mission (Epirus - Refugee Camp)
3.3 The Enemy's Captain (Epirus - Refugee Camp)
3.4 The Stygian Lurker (The River Styx) (+Strength, +Intelligence, +Dexterity)
3.5 One Who Would Lead (The River Styx)

(Act 4) Main Quest 4 - Judgment of the Living (New Road)
4.1 Hades' Treasury (Lower City of Lost Souls - Hades Treasury)
4.2 The Dust of a Titan (Upper City of Lost Souls) (2 Skill Points)
4.3 Eurydice and Orpheus (Upper City of Lost Souls)
4.4 An Invitation (Upper City of Lost Souls)
4.5 The Necromanteion (Upper City of Lost Souls)
4.6 Admetus Among the Dead (Prisoner's Camp)
4.7 An Inside Source (Upper City of Lost Souls)

(Act 4) Main Quest 5 - The Battle for Elysium (Hall of Judgment)
5.1 The Siege Striders (Aetolian Polis)
5.2 Flight of the Messenger (Aetolian Polis)
5.3 The Achaean Pass (Delian Meadows)
5.4 A Noisy Diversion (Argolis)

(Act 4) Main Quest 6 - The Immortal Throne (Argolis)
6.1 The Shards of Erebus (Argolis)
6.2 Hades' Generals (Argolis) (+x% Total Damage)

(Act 5) Main Quest 1 - Troubles of a New Age (City of Corinth)
1.1 Festivities (City of Corinth)
1.2 Sciron (City of Corinth)
1.3 A Northern Contact (City of Corinth)

(Act 5) Main Quest 2 - The Warrior Princess (City of Corinth)
2.1 Heart to Stomach (Heuneburg)
2.2 White Gold (Heuneburg)
2.3 The Golden Sickle (Hercynian Forest)

(Act 5) Main Quest 3 - The Power of Nerthus (Glauberg)
3.1 Wine from the Rhine (Rhine Valley)
3.2 The Troubled Son (Glauberg)
3.3 Celtic Plaid (Glauberg)
3.4 Little Friends (Weser Uplands)
3.5 The Trapped Nixie (Wild Heathlands) (1 Skill Point)
3.6 The Kornwyf's Scythe (Wild Heathlands)

(Act 5) Main Quest 4 - Scandia Under Siege (King Gylfi's Hall)
4.1 Giesel (Birch Forest)
4.2 Fir Cone Liquor (Shores of Scandia)
4.3 The Restless King (King Gylfi's Settlement)
4.4 The Magic Cauldron (King Gylfi's Settlement)
4.5 The Survivor (Birch Forest)

(Act 5) Main Quest 5 - The Rescue (King Gylfi's Hall)
5.1 Dvergar History (Kaupangr) (2 Skill Points)
5.2 Squabbling Merchants (Kaupangr)
5.3 The Craftsman's Passion (Icthian Fjord)
5.4 Legendary Craftsmanship (Master Forge Chamber) (affix added to epic/legendary equipment)

(Act 5) Main Quest 6 - The Wisest Being (Valhöll)

(Act 5) Main Quest 7 - The Burning Sword (Mimer's Maze)