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Lowest of the Low - Act 2 Side Quest

Lowest of the Low Quest Start

Start Location: Beggar's Quarters (outside City of Memphis)
Quest Location: Beggar's Quarters
Objective: Defeat the Shadowstalker enemies

Lowest of the Low can be acquired by speaking with Merab in the Beggar's Quarters (pictured above), a zone just before the City of Memphis. He asks you to clear out all of the Shadowstalker enemies that are in the area just east of where he is. It's a relatively small area and there are only about a dozen Shadowstalker enemies to find here.

As with all quest enemies in this game, the Shadowstalkers' will have their names in purple as well as a faint white aura that surrounds them - shown in my screenshot below. Defeat all of them then return to Merab and speak with him again to complete the quest.

Shadowstalkers for Lowest of the Low
Shadowstalker enemies you need to defeat for this quest.

Lowest of the Low Map Locations











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