Lampido's Potion - Act 4 Side Quest

Lampidos Potion Quest Start

Start Location: Medea's Grove
Quest Location: Soronis
Objective: Obtain the 3 required items and return them to Lampido
Reward: Strength & Health on each difficulty

Lampido's Potion is a Side Quest given to you by Lampido in Medea's Grove, the second town you come across in Act 4. This quest will give you a permanent boost to Strength and Health on every difficulty that you complete it. For that reason it's highly recommended that you do not skip this quest on any difficulty.

In order to complete Lampido's Potion you'll need to collect 3 items from Soronis, an area north of Medea's Grove which you can only reach by going through the Ampelian Caves. The locations of all 3 items are shown on my map below, I would recommend if you need help finding any of them to use that.

The Cybe Mushroom and Aestivus Tree are objects that you need to click on, they'll drop an item on the ground for you once clicked. Nightblossom is a bit harder to get as you'll need to defeat the plant that is carrying it - which can be quite difficult. The plant is rooted in place and has predictable attacks - it'll really hurt if you're hit by them so do your best to avoid them and use the terrain to your advantage.

Lampidos Potion Map Locations
Map Location of all the items needed for Lampido's Potion.

Nightblossom for the quest.

Aestivus Tree
Aestivus Tree for the Aestivus Root.

Cybe Mushroom
Cybe Mushroom for quest.