The Seeds of Destruction - Act 3 Side Quest

The Seeds of Destruction Quest Start

Start Location: Babylon Outskirts
Quest Location: Babylon Outskirts
Objective: Clear the farmlands of Icthian enemies

The Seeds of Destruction is the first quest that you will acquire in Act 3; it's given to you by Immeru, a farmer that runs up to you while being chased by Icthians in the Babylon Outskirts area. Immeru asks you to defeat the Icthians which inhabit the farm lands just southeast of our current area. Use my map screenshot below if you're having trouble finding all of the enemies.

As always in Titan Quest, you can tell the quest enemies apart from the regular ones because they will have purple names and white auras glowing around them. To see an example of what I mean check out the screenshot of the Icthians below.

Icthian Seeds of Destruction Quest
Icthians required for The Seeds of Destruction quest.

The Seeds of Destruction Map Location