The Wealthy Collector - Act 3 Side Quest

The Wealthy Collector Quest Start

Start Location: Village of Zhidan
Quest Location: Jingyang Woods
Objective: Obtain the Jade Figurine from a cave in Jingyang Woods

The Wealthy Collector is a Side Quest which you can pick up from Lu Buwei in the Village of Zhidan during Act 3 (pictured above). He'll ask you to collect a Jade Figurine for him from a cave in the Jingyang Woods. There are actually two caves in Jingyang Woods that can contain the Jade Figurine and it doesn't matter which you visit as both will have it.

Due east of town is where you'll find the first cave, the second one is northeast of the man who gives you the A Lesson In Despair Side Quest. Map locations of each cave can be found below, if you're having trouble locating either just use my screenshots.

Note: In older versions of Titan Quest only one of these two caves will have the Jade Figurine and it'll alternate between them. Check both until you find the figurine.

The Wealthy Collector Map Location
Jade Figurine Cave Location 1.

The Wealthy Collector Jade Figurine Map Location 2
Jade Figurine Cave Location 2.