The Enemy's Captain - Act 4 Side Quest

The Enemys Captain Quest Start

Start Location: Epirus Refugee Camp
Quest Location: City of Paseron
Objective: Defeat Proseia ~ Daemon Captain

The Enemy's Captain is a quest that is given to you by Pythes a guard in the Epirus Refugee Camp, the first location you enter Epirus at from Medea's Grove. This is a very easy side quest to complete since you run right past the enemy you need to kill on your way to the next area.

At the northwestern end of the City of Paseron on the border of the City and Paseron Outskirts you'll encounter Proseia, a Demon enemy with the model of a Harpy. You will need to defeat this enemy in order to complete the quest. If you don't have very good gear I would strongly recommend taking your time to clear the area around Proseia before engaging.

There are many archers throughout this town and they have a long leash radius. Dragging too many with you into the fight with Proseia could easily spell your death and not hers.

Proseia Daemon Captain

The Enemys Captain Map Locations