The Good Centaur - Act 1 Side Quest

The Good Centaur Quest Start

Start Location: Ambrossos Farmlands
Quest Location: Ambrossos Farmlands
Objective: Defeat Ino to obtain Chiron's Bow then return it to him

The Good Centaur is a side quest which you can start by speaking with Chiron, a lone Centaur in the northern portion of Ambrossos Farmlands. Much like The Poisoned Spring and A Proper Offering quests, this one gives you a permanent reward of +2 Attribute Points for you to spend on whatever you'd like.

For this quest you will need to go into the cave north of Chiron and defeat a named maenad, Ino. You will see her when you first enter the cave but she'll keep running from you until she's lead you to the back of the cave, which is where she'll stand her ground and fight. Defeat her, loot Chiron's Bow and return it to him to complete the quest.

Ino for the good centaur
Ino, the maenad who drops Chiron's Bow.

The Good Centaur Map Location