Caravan Woes - Act 2 Side Quest

Caravan Woes Quest Start

Start Location: Fayum Oasis
Quest Location: Fayum Desert
Objective: Defeat Iznu then return to Pa-neb in town

Caravan Woes starts by speaking with Pa-neb in the Fayum Oasis. For this quest all you need to do is travel north of town and defeat Iznu, the named Dune Raider Chieftan whom Pa-neb asked you to kill. While in the area I also recommend you complete A Hidden Treasure Side Quest, that's done to the north inside of the Mysterious Tomb.

If you're lower level or have poor gear it's recommended you clear the area around Iznu prior to engaging him as best you can. He is a ranged attacker and has many other enemies in the area around him that he'll run into during the fight.

Iznu Dune Raider Chieftan

Caravan Woes Map Locations