The Serpent's Spine Smithing Guide

Smithing in Everquest is used for crafting gear for plate and chain users throughout the game. Modern day it's mostly used for crafting basic Prestige gear when they raise the level cap. It has some better rewards here and there but overall.... meh. The route I have chosen for leveling Smithing may not be too costly depending on your server.

Before you go gung ho and start Smithing up a storm - I recommend you stop at 50 - 99 Smithing and complete the Smithing TrophySmithing Trophy Quest if you plan to take this Tradeskill stuff seriously! It isn't required you do it now but it'll save you mucho time later on if you take some time to finish it in the early levels of your Tradeskill.

Alternative Route: If Tungsten OreTungsten Ore, Rhenium OreRhenium Ore and Indium OreIndium Ore is cheaper on your server check out my DoN Smithing Guide for an alternative route.


Smithing 1 - 21

Visit the trainer and use your practice's to raise your skill to 21.


Cobalt Studs (222 Trivial)

You'll want to vendor/destroy all of the Cobalt Studs that you make through this process.

Cobalt Ore

Smithy Hammer


Plate Bracer TemplateTungsten Plate Bracer Template (310 Trivial)

Every item for this combine can be vendor purchased except for the Tungsten Ore. The ore is a common drop off humanoid enemies between the levels of 55 - 70. All of the Plate Bracers Templates that you make through this combine you'll probably just want to vendor.

1 Lustrous Black Coal

1 Metal Tempering Chemicals

Plate Bracer Template Mold1 Plate Bracer Template Mold

Tungsten Ore1 Tungsten Ore

Smithy Hammer1 Smithy Hammer


Plate Bracer TemplateCobalt Plate Bracer Template (348 Trivial)

Any Cobalt Plate Bracer Templates that you make you'll want to destroy or vendor. There's really no reason to do the final combine with them as they reward Attunable group gear which is highly specific and not very good without the cultural augs that go with it.

1 Toluene Coal

1 Metal Tempering Chemicals

Plate Bracer Template Mold1 Plate Bracer Template Mold

1 Cobalt Ore

1 Smithy Hammer





Additional Information

- After the Gates of Discord expansion pack goes live there's an alternative method to raising every Tradeskill in the game to 54. I believe these quests to be a waste of time, however, they teach you recipes that can't be learned anywhere else and for that reason must be done at least once to reach 350 Smithing. If you're interested in learning more about the GoD Tradeskill Quests then follow the link provided.

- If you choose to use a Draught of the Craftsman you'll have enough juice to max out two Tradeskills usually. So come prepared with a lot of materials before popping a pot!

- If you don't see any materials that you need listed in The Bazaar setup a Buyer on a day when you don't plan on playing much to buy the items you need. Mention in general chat what you're buying (and even pay double what the other barters ask to get peoples attention if you want). Maybe someone who is killing in the zones and reading general will offload their loot to you.

- Aside from the uses mentioned above it's useful for every player to max out all of their Tradeskills for tangible useful benefits. You can only acquire things like Artisan's Prize and Sacred Prayer Shawl of the Duke from maxing out your Tradeskills. Those of you whom are wondering if this is all even worth it, well now you know.

- Under "General" in the AA window get the Salvage AA as soon as you possibly can, preferably before you start raising all of your Tradeskills. It'll save you a lot of plat.

- Every Tradeskill gets an item called a Tradeskill Trophy introduced in the Prophecy of Ro expansion pack. If you'd like to learn more about them prior their introduction then follow the link provided. Here is a list of all 6 quests for the Smithing Trophy.