Raising Research 300 - 350

As you may or may not already know in the Empires of Kunark (EoK) expansion pack tradeskills got their cap raised from 300 to 350. Except -- this time in order to raise your Tradeskills you're going to have to learn recipes throughout that game that you do not already know.

Yes, you read that correctly.. You'll literally have to go through the entire game farming Tradeskill materials and do a bunch of different non trivial combines to learn basically every recipe that was ever introduced. Not only is it going to take you hours upon hours of farming but it's also going to take hours upon hours of internet research -- which hopefully my guides will cut back on.

Before we get started with farming items and doing tradeskill combines - let's go over some of the basics of what counts towards raising your tradeskill ranks and what doesn't.

- No fail combines do NOT count towards learned recipes and will not give skill ups

- Recipes that are not learned through the regular method (combining items in a TS container) do NOT count and wont give skill ups

- Only recipes from EoK and expansions prior to EoK count towards raising your trivial

- Any Tradeskill combine that uses a special container (Half Elf Forge, Reinforced Medicine Bag) do NOT count and won't give skill ups.
- Additionally any Cultural combines do NOT give skill ups and don't count.

- You will need to discover roughly 98% of all the recipes available in that Tradeskill to reach 350 skill level

It's going to be an extremely tedious, lengthy and painstaking process but it's required if you want to get the maximum benefit out of Artisan's Prize. If the bonuses you get from Artisan's Prize doesn't motivate you enough to raise your Tradeskills 300 - 350 then convince yourself that as time goes on; Daybreak is probably going to add more and more rewards that benefit those who spent the time on this grind.

The last thing you should do prior to starting the long arduous task of raising your Tradeskills to 350 is collect all the scribeable books that are available to you. These books will teach you a bunch of different recipes which will cut down on some of the recipes you have to go out and find/learn yourself.

For more information on where you can find all the scribeable books check out my Scribeable Books TS Guide. Additionally there's also some quests in Abysmal Sea and Crescent Reach which you'll want to complete for some recipes too. Crescent Reach quest's are basically hails.



Before I start with the guide, if you made it to this page prior to having 300 Research then you'll want to use a different guide for raising your Research skill. The one that will have the most information for you (assuming you're playing on live) will be the TDS Research Guide.



<More information to come for this Tradeskill and all of the others in the near future! I don't know if I will ever have the time to thoroughly document them all 300 - 350 but I am going to try and provide as much information as I can to make raising your Tradeskills these last 50 points more palatable>


Note: I'm writing this note on 1/10/2018.

As you probably already know raising your Tradeskills 300 - 350 is no joke. It took me about 3 whole days to just get all of these pages up as well as write the GoD/Scribe able books guide. I'm currently working on an entire website rehaul for Everquest as you can see and this is hopefully going to get done before I go back to retro games.


What I had in mind to do was separate the Tradeskills by expansion pack as well as by Bazaarable items. Meaning first we'll get easy stuff out of the way that's commonly sold in The Bazaar then we'll go through each expansion farming items and crafting what we get. This way raises every tradeskill though which I know isn't really what everyone would want... I'm currently working out how I would want to do a guide like this, as is probably everyone else who is writing a 300 - 350 tradeskill guide.

In the mean time I will throw in little notes to each page as information comes to mind.