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Goblins and Fools EoK HA Guide

Praetor Aberic

The Heroic Adventure that you need to do for the Temple of Droga Mercenary Achievement is given to you by Praetor Aberic in Frontier Mountains. There are two different versions of this task, both take place in the same part of the zone and only have minor differences between them.

Most of the time you spend doing this Heroic Adventure will be grinding the dozens of goblin enemies throughout the zone. There aren't many steps to each task and they aren't that complicated. You could invis through the zone and make pin point strikes in each area but then you miss out on the Collectibles that drop (mentioned below) which are quite valuable, especially on regular servers (meaning not FV).


Goblins and Fools HA Version 1

I find this to be the more annoying of the two tasks but only slightly. As you clear the instance you'll need to use your Open ability on the different barrels you come across for quest credit. The Sarnak Weapon Smiths are found in the southwestern portion of the zone, Death Shaman Yugg in the northwestern portion of the zone.

1. Destroy barrels of weapon Oil 0/10
2. Kill 3 Sarnak Weapon Smiths or 4 Drill Sergeants
3. Kill Death Shaman Yugg, Trilog, Wyg or War-Leader Grazzil
4. Speak with Praetor Aberic


Goblins and Fools HA Version 2

This version of Goblins and Fools is basically the same as the previous one, you'll find Mountain Death Goblins throughout the zone in many places, there's probably 25 - 30 of them in total so you don't need to kill every one of them for the task, just the majority of them. The Drill Sergeants and Weapon Smiths share mostly the same locations as do all the named goblins.

1. Kill 20 Mountain Death Clan Goblins
2. Kill 4 Drill Sergeants or 3 Sarnak Weapon Smiths
3. Kill Death Shaman Yugg, Trilog, Wyg or War-Leader Grazzil
4. Speak with Praetor Aberic



Goblins and Fools HA Map

In addition to the reward of Sathir Gems, you'll also find that the enemies throughout this Heroic Adventure drop a set of collectible items which does not drop anywhere else in the game. This collectible set is called Stinkin' Badges and it's something that you will be able to sell on your server for a pretty penny for many expansions to come.

One of two reasons this set of collectibles sells so well is because with one of the Chase Items in TBL, you're required to have all the scavenger achievements completed from multiple expansions. Also, completing these scavenger achievements unlocks an additional trophy slot on your character as well, which will help this set of collectibles retain value for many expansions too.

Goblins and Fools Collectible Set