Secrets of Faydwer Pottery Guide

Pottery is one of the more straight-forward Tradeskills to level in EQ. It is expensive, yes and it is time consuming but there aren't many recipes you have to jump back and forth between. Also once you get your Pottery skill up you can make Golden Idols of <insert deity here>. Some of them aren't very good, but others like the Golden Idol of Tunare are useful for later quests.

Once the Gates of Discord expansion pack goes live there's an alternative method to raising every Tradeskill in the game to 54. I believe these quests to be a waste of time, however, they teach you recipes that can't be learned anywhere else and for that reason must be done at least once to reach 350 Pottery. If you're interested in learning more about the GoD Tradeskill Quests then follow the link provided.



Pottery 1 - 21

Speak with your trainer.


Unfired Elegant CharmUnfired Elegant Charm (83 Trivial)

Elegant Charm Pattern1 Elegant Charm Pattern

Small Block of Magic Clay1 Small Block of Magic Clay

Water Flask1 Water Flask


Unfired Elegant CharmUnfired Elegant Charm (2) (83 Trivial)

Elegant Charm Pattern2 Elegant Charm Patterns

Small Block of Magic Clay2 Small Block of Magic Clay

Water Flask2 Water Flask


Elegant Charm of Derived Ferocity (460 Trivial)

1 Dweric Powder

1 Exquisite Marrow

1 Ossified Skyiron

1 Symbol of Derived Unity

Unfired Elegant Charm1 Unfired Elegant Charm




Additional Information

- If you choose to use a Draught of the Craftsman you'll have enough juice to max out two Tradeskills usually. So come prepared with a lot of materials before popping a pot!

- If you don't see any materials that you need listed in The Bazaar setup a Buyer on a day when you don't plan on playing much to buy the items you need. Mention in general chat what you're buying (and even pay double what the other barters ask to get peoples attention if you want). Maybe someone who is killing in the zones and reading general will offload their loot to you.

- Aside from the uses mentioned above it's useful for every player to max out all of their Tradeskills for tangible useful benefits. You can only acquire things like Artisan's Prize and Sacred Prayer Shawl of the Duke from maxing out your Tradeskills. Those of you whom are wondering if this is all even worth it, well now you know.

- Under "General" in the AA window get the Salvage AA as soon as you possibly can, preferably before you start raising all of your Tradeskills. It'll save you a lot of plat.

- As aforementioned every Tradeskill has a Trophy. Here is a list of all 6 quests for the Pottery Trophy.