Conflagrant Tradeskill Armor Guide

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Conflagrant Armor was added into the game during the Ring of Scale expansion pack and it requires some of the different Tradeskill items that drop from enemies throughout that expansion. This is the best non-prestige armor you can get for players 106 - 110 and the second best non-prestige armor at 110. Throughout Ring of Scale and The Burning Lands (and maybe after) this is what I used on the majority of my boxes.

Conflagrant Raw Silk makes every set of caster gear with Tailoring, Conflagrant Reptile Skins make all the leather armor with Tailoring and Conflagrant Ore makes all of the plate/chain sets with Smithing. The trivial for the majority of the combines is 510, which is extremely high and isn't even worth attempting if you don't have a maxed Tradeskill Trophy as well as a skill somewhat above 300.

If you don't feel like making this armor yourself and you can't find what you need in The Bazaar, you can always advertise in general that you are looking to buy a few sets of it. The likelihood of you finding a player to make it for you is rather high especially if you're tipping. Below are the three main ingredients that are used in making visible Conflagrant Armor. For more information about each one, click on it to be taken to that page.

Conflagrant Raw Silk

Conflagrant Reptile Skin

Conflagrant Ore

Along with visible armor, you're also able to make Conflagrant Jewelry, rings, earrings, necklaces, cloaks as well as weapons with both Smithing and Fletching. I don't have guides for all of the Conflagrant Tradeskill recipes yet, but hopefully I will in the future! In the mean time, just use Allakhazam to figure out the rest of the recipes.

Fletching Conflagrant Weapons

Smithing Conflagrant Weapons

Conflagrant Shoulders

Conflagrant Cloak

Conflagrant Rings

Conflagrant Earrings

Conflagrant Charms