Everquest Farming Guide

I have decided to lock the Everquest Farming Guide behind a donation only paywall since Almar's Guides doesn't run a Premium Service of any kind & I am not rich. This Farming Guide contains information for every expansion pack from Omens of War to Ring of Scale which means that TLP players as well as Live will benefit from the information in the guide.

Since this guide is locked behind a paywall, it'll increase the value of the information within it as well. The locations mentioned in the guide shouldn't end up over farmed as they sometimes do with publicly shared information. This will hopefully increase the value of the guide for all those who donate and guarantee that you'll not only make back the amount you donated - but double or triple your investment!

You can donate to me through my Patreon Account and get access to the guide there. A donation through Patreon will get you the guide almost instantly since the link is posted there behind a paywall. Also, another bonus of supporting me on Patreon is when I release updates for the Farming Guide they'll be shared there.

EQ Farming Guide
Sneak peak of my 91 - 105 Farming Guide Section!

If you choose to donate through Patreon just 1$/mo gets you full access to my EQ Farming Guide. It's your call if you'd like to keep donating month after month or donate once and cancel. Please keep in mind though that I am technically not selling your a product here. It's more of a thank you for your donation.

Here are the ways to donate:

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Paypal Donation (Don't donate via this method if you want the guide because I am irresponsible and may be away from my computer camping for days/a week and not always catch your donation when it comes in)