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Planes of Power Baking Guide

For Baking I would recommend you save the skill points and just start out with making Fish Rolls. Baking is one of the easier tradeskills to raise and also one of the more rewarding in my opinion. Throughout the years people are always going to want Stat food and of course as you could imagine the stat food that you can make will only become better with time.

If you have Temple of Marr flags on a character that can Forage, you may be interested in making Phoenix Dough and Mephit Pies to reach 270 Baking. It's a rather cheap and easy route for a small subset of people who meet these requirements.


Fish Rolls 82 - 110 (130)

This is the route I prefer most/recommend that you do. Normally I just start with Fish Rolls from a skill of 1 and craft them until I can't possibly get skill ups from them anymore, then I move onto bigger and better recipes.

Bat Wing

Fresh Fish

Pinemyer Pasta 143 - 191

The only ingredient that you'll need to farm in order to make this pasta is Eggs. Follow the Noodles link for more information on the best places to farm Eggs. You will want to make pasta from 143 - 191 then you're on the home stretch!

Jug of Sauces



Jaggedpine Stir Fry 190 - 240

**Added in when Jaggedpine Forest goes live**

This is a pretty good route if you aren't looking to spend so much time in Plane of Justice foraging up the Fruits. Plant Shoots will be the hardest thing to obtain for this recipe and one thing that's nice about them is you can save any left overs you get for Cheesy Vegetable Casserole later!

Non-stick Frying Pan

Plant Shoot


Cheesy Vegetable Casserole 190 - 280

**Added in when Jaggedpine Forest goes live**

Cheesy Vegetable Casserole is a great alternative to Planar Fruit Pies if you don't feel like foraging in PoJ or can't. As with the Planar Fruit Pies though, be on the look out for any Plant Shoots people list in the baz to make leveling easier.

Casserole Dish



Plant Shoot

Planar Fruit Pies 190 - 280

This is one of the most direct routes available to you and one of the easiest considering the hardest thing to get for this recipe would be the Planar Fruit and Celestial Essence. If you are someone who has Forage all you have to do is hang around in Plane of Justice for awhile and foraging up some fruits. I also recommend you check the Bazaar every so often for them, you may be able to find a great deal!

2 Celestial Essence

Clump of Dough


Muffin Tin

Planar Fruit (EQ Traders)


Mephit Sandwich 190 - 276

This is a fairly easy for players to complete during the Planes of Power era. Mephit Meat is a very common drop from the Stormrider enemies in Bastion of Thunder which is one of the most frequented PoP zones. If you can't farm it yourself you'd probably be able to get it cheap out of The Bazaar or by setting up a buyer.

This recipe must be completed in a Tanaan Oven.

1 Dressing

Meat1 Mephit Meat

1 Loaf of Bread


Jord Meat Pie 190 - 282

Another fairly easy recipe for players to complete during the PoP era. Jord Meat drops off the enemies in the Earth Wing of Bastion of Thunder, one of the most frequented wings of the zone. If you can't farm it yourself you'd probably be able to get it cheap out of The Bazaar or by setting up a buyer.

This recipe must be completed in a Tanaan Oven.

Clump of Dough

Meat1 Jord Meat

1 Pie Tin


(Most Profitable Route) Hero Sandwich 200 - 295

These are good to make if you're looking to really turn a profit with your Baking skills. I recommend you only start this route at 200 if you can buy a Daybreak Cash potion that gives you a 100% chance to return all materials on a failed combine. Otherwise if you fail a lot you'll just be pissing away money. If you don't have a Daybreak Potion start around 280 when you cap everything else out.

Hero Parts are farmed up in Plane of Valor off the humanoid monsters. You can also find them in The Bazaar.


Hero Parts (EQ Traders)

Loaf of Bread

Smoked Hero Parts (EQ Traders)

Spiced Hero Parts (EQ Traders)



Hobgoblin Surprise (Trivial 302)

This is extremely easy to make if you can get your hands on Hobgoblin Meat. Depending on your server you may be able to find a ton of this for sale in The Bazaar or to a commonly used vendor in Plane of Knowledge (like the parcel liason).

1 Brown Gravy

1 Hobgoblin Meat

1 Loaf of Bread

1 Pie Tin



Additional Information

- If you choose to use a Draught of the Craftsman you'll have enough juice to max out two Tradeskills usually. So come prepared with a lot of materials before popping a pot!

- If you don't see any materials that you need listed in The Bazaar setup a Buyer on a day when you don't plan on playing much to buy the items you need. Mention in general chat what you're buying (and even pay double what the other barters ask to get peoples attention if you want). Maybe someone who is killing in the zones and reading general will offload their loot to you.

- Aside from the uses mentioned above it's useful for every player to max out all of their Tradeskills for tangible useful benefits. You can only acquire things like Artisan's Prize and Sacred Prayer Shawl of the Duke from maxing out your Tradeskills. Those of you whom are wondering if this is all even worth it, well now you know.

- Under "General" in the AA window get the Salvage AA as soon as you possibly can, preferably before you start raising all of your Tradeskills. It'll save you a lot of plat.

- As aforementioned every Tradeskill has a Trophy. All Trophies are added during the Prophecy of Ro expansion pack; I'm leaving this link here for anyone who'd like to learn more prior to the time they're introduced. Here is a list of all 6 quests for the Baking Trophy .