Raising Alchemy 300 - 350

As you may or may not already know in the Empires of Kunark (EoK) expansion pack tradeskills got their cap raised from 300 to 350. Except -- this time in order to raise your Tradeskills you're going to have to learn recipes throughout that game that you do not already know.

Yes, you read that correctly.. You'll literally have to go through the entire game farming Tradeskill materials and do a bunch of different non trivial combines to learn basically every recipe that was ever introduced. Not only is it going to take you hours upon hours of farming but it's also going to take hours upon hours of internet research -- which hopefully my guides will cut back on.

Before we get started with farming items and doing tradeskill combines - let's go over some of the basics of what counts towards raising your tradeskill ranks and what doesn't.

- No fail combines do NOT count towards learned recipes and will not give skill ups

- Recipes that are not learned through the regular method (combining items in a TS container) do NOT count and wont give skill ups

- Only recipes from EoK/RoS and prior will count towards raising your skill to 350.

- Any Tradeskill combine that uses a special container (Half Elf Forge, Reinforced Medicine Bag) do NOT count and won't give skill ups.
- Additionally any Race Specific Cultural combines do NOT give skill ups and don't count.

- You will need to discover roughly 98% of all the recipes available in that Tradeskill to reach 350 skill level

It's going to be an extremely tedious, lengthy and painstaking process but it's required if you want to get the maximum benefit out of Artisan's Prize. If the bonuses you get from Artisan's Prize doesn't motivate you enough to raise your Tradeskills 300 - 350 then convince yourself that as time goes on; Daybreak is probably going to add more and more rewards that benefit those who spent the time on this grind.

The last thing you should do prior to starting the long arduous task of raising your Tradeskills to 350 is collect all the scribeable books that are available to you. These books will teach you a bunch of different recipes which will cut down on some of the recipes you have to go out and find/learn yourself.

For more information on where you can find all the scribeable books check out my Scribeable Books TS Guide. Additionally there's also some quests in Abysmal Sea and Crescent Reach which you'll want to complete for some recipes too. Crescent Reach quest's are basically hails.

Before I start with the guide, if you made it to this page prior to having 300 Alchemy then you'll want to use a different guide for raising your Alchemy skill. The one that will have the most information for you (assuming you're playing on live) will be the TDS Alchemy Guide.

Complete Recipes List for Alchemy 300 - 350

There are just under 600 recipes that we need to learn in order to reach 350 in Alchemy. You can use the full list which is shown above or you can use my guides below which break down Alchemy 300 - 350 into multiple parts; making it much more managable and less overwhelming.


Alchemy Bazaarables:

The following guides are for items that you can normally find in The Bazaar on all servers. Buying these items instead of farming them will greatly cut down on the amount of time it takes for you to complete raising your Tradeskills.

Chronal Resonance Dust (45 Recipes)
Sunshard Powder (53 Recipes)
Dream Dust (53 Recipes)
Planar Energy Shards (43 Recipes)
Ethernere Essence (9 Recipes)
Relic Fragments (9 Recipes)
Essence of Alaris (43 Recipes)
Versluierd Fungus (38 Recipes)
Cosgrove Powder (7 Recipes)
Kunark Conflagrant Powder (1 Recipe)



Alchemy Vendorables:

This section includes recipes that require all vendor purchased ingredients; if the recipe has even a single item that's obtained through a drop from an enemy, foraged or a ground spawn it will not be found in this section. The only exception to this rule is items like Enchanted Clay. Since Enchanted Items are vendor purchased then enchanted they're part of this section.



Alchemy Farmables:

This section includes recipes that have one or more items that are dropped from an enemy, foraged or found as a ground spawn. Out of all three sections this'll be the most time consuming one and without a doubt the last one that I finish guides for.