Hoth Bonus Series 47 - 48

Blood and Ice

Imteract with Mission Terminal on Voss
Speak to General Ilic Nadab on Hoth

Hoth Bonus Series

Complete “The Lost Patrol” for Captain Armaruk
Speak to Padawan Elsor
Complete “Cutting Our Losses” for Farren Dulz
Complete “The Beast Lord” for Padawan Elsor
Speak to General Ilic Nadab (light side or dark side choice)

The Lost Patrol

Speak to Captain Armaruk
Recover Combat Sensor Data
Return to Captain Armaruk
Devoured Bonus – Defeat 10 Stalking Ice Cats

Heroic 2+ - Better Droids

Speak to Kerkarr
Salvage 6 Irreplacable Parts
Recover the 8 Plans
Salvage 10 Datacores

Frozen Search and Rescue

Speak to Gavon Kroan
Rescue the 6 Republic Scouts
Return to Gavon Kroan

I came, I froze, I…

Speak to Kaiya Stas
Activate the Sonic Agitator
Kill the White Terror
Return to Kaiya Stas

Heroic 2+ - Signal Jam

Speak to Jaro Dev
Destroy the 6 Cmm Systems

Heroic 2+ - Tech Diagrams

Speak to Corporal Fabel
Recover a Diagnostic Pad

Cutting Our Losses

Speak to Farren Dulz
Plant Explosive 1
Plant Explosive 2
Plant Explosive 3
Plant Explosive 4
Return to Farren Dulz
Sleeping Madness Bonus – Defeat 20 Bala’Dur

Freeze Out the Empire
Speak to Captain Elson
Recover the Data Pad
Return to Captain Elson
Snowbound bonus – Defeat 15 Imperial Snow Troopers

Heroic 4 – Humanitarian Aid

Speak to Maya Drin
Release the 3 Ortolan Slaves

The Beast Lord

Speak to Padawan Elsor
Defeat the Beast Lord Brutann
Return to Padawan Elsor

Predatory Creatures Bonus – Defeat 20 Force-Dominated Creatures


Heroic 4 – Frostclaw

Speak to Neelo Droobas
Defeat Frostclaw