Destroy the Behemoth (Plane of Innovation)

Giwin Mirakon

This quest is the second quest that's required for Planar Progression that takes place in the Plane of Innovation. If you're doing the Planar Progression you'll need to first complete the quest from Nitram Anizok called Nitram's Collection. For this quest you must farm some items from PoI, hand them to Nitram then follow him across the zone and defeat Xanamech.

Upon completing Nitram's Collection you'll be able to open the factory door which is where you'll find Giwin Mirakon, the NPC shown in the screen shot above. Hail Giwin and follow through with his dialogue to get the preflags required for this quest. His quest is about as straight forward as it can possibly get - he wants you to dispatch the Manaetic Behemoth found inside the PoI factory.

Manaetic Behemoth

You'll find this big guy in the western portion of the factory inside a room with doors leading in from both ends. He's inactive when you first come across him and can't be targeted or interacted with at all. In order to start the fight you'll need to prevent the clockwork spider-type creatures from entering his room.

In order to do this you'll need to have people out in the hallways fighting them off. They spawn fairly quickly and come from a total of four different directions, two per hallway every 20 seconds or so. I can imagine this event being a challenge for solo players depending on what class they are. Those without pets will struggle to keep everything under control by themselves.

Luckily though, if you're doing this in era or with a large raid of your friends - keeping the spider creatures out of his room shouldn't be too much of a challenge. You'll need to repeat this process for about 5 minutes or so. Keep the robotic crawlers out of his room for that long and Manaetic Behemoth activates and starts attacking anyone nearby.

Defeat him and then speak with Giwin Mirakon after he appears in the room for your character flag. That's all there is to it!

Manaetic Behemoth Character Flag Hail

Manaetic Behemoth Loot Drops: Coil of Twisted Platinum Wire, Glowing Steel Shim, Innovator's Hammer, Protective Dust Drape, Self Contained Force Barrier