Nitram's Collection (Plane of Innovation)

Nitram Anizok

Nitram's Collection is the quest that you must complete in order to open the door that leads to the factory in Plane of Innovation. Until you complete this quest you'll only be able to wander around the northern junk yard portion of this zone - the factory door will be locked. You can of course have someone else open the door for you if you need to get inside and have a friend who has finished this quest.

As for this quest specifically - it's a lot more time consuming than it is actually challenging. What you need to do is collect three different items from the enemies in the Plane of Innovation; Bundle of Super Conductive Wires, Copper Node and an Intact Power Cell. You'll then need to bring all three of these items to Nitram who is found wandering around between the zone line and the northwestern most portion of the junk yard area - the only part of the junk yard with an actual structure.

The three items you need to bring to Nitram are all found from trash enemies throughout the Plane of Innovation and despite what the screen shots below show - they're NO DROP. Unless you're on FV, Brekt or any future server that uses Firiona Vie's rule set.

Bundle of Super Conductive WiresCopper Node

Intact Power Cell

With all three items in hand you need to find Nitram to hand them in. Prior to doing that however you should know what to expect. The map found below is the path that Nitram will follow immediately after you hand him the three items. Even if you hand them to him at the Zone In like I did - he'll still take the convoluted extremely long path around the zone to reach Xanamech's location.

Throughout this journey you'll need to protect Nitram. He walks at a normal pace and will stop to fight any enemy you engage with (assuming you're fighting in his path). I'd recommend that you try to stay ahead of Nitram and defeat the enemies he comes across prior to him even reaching them.

For this part of the quest you'll probably need at least two groups to clear the trash throughout Plane of Innovation. Since Nitram never stops for breaks you have to clear almost all of the trash mobs and then immediately fight Xanamech without having a moment to regain your mana.

Nitrams Pathing Route to Xanamech

Using the map above you can see that the location Nitram finally stops at is the clearing in the northeastern most portion of the junk yard. The Corpse of Xanamech is found in this area and Nitram revitalizes it before being attacked (seen in my screen shot below). As aforementioned once Nitram arrives in the same clearing that Xanamech is in you don't get any time for preparation.

Be prepared to save Nitram quickly - Xanamech will dispense with him in just a few hits. As you can see from my screen shot below though - our boy's a fighter! Absolutely fearless!

Nitram vs Xanamech

Xanamech Nezmirthafen Loot Drops: Cord Hilted Spike Driver, Innovator's Ring, Pulsing Phase Emitter, The Weapon's Driveshaft, Woven Shim Choker


After you defeat Xanamech it's important that you hail Nitram Anizok to get your Character Flags!! Do not forget otherwise you'll need to repeat the entire quest again! Completing this quest will give you access to the factory in Plane of Innovation and will let you complete the quest from Giwin Mirakon, Destroy the Behemoth.