Plane of Justice (PoJ) Trials

The Plane of Justice Trials are one of the very first things that players looking to get Elemental Flags will have to accomplish. There are a total of 6 different trials in the Plane of Justice all of which are made for groups of between 3 to 6 players. When PoP first releases you'll probably need a full group to conquer these trials however as time goes on and more expansions pass you'll find these trials become so easy most can now solo them.

To start the PoJ Trial quest you'll first need to speak with Mavuin who is located in the basement area of PoJ. Use the map provided if you need some help finding him. Hail him and say the key phrase "Information" to receive a character flag and to be instructed to speak with The Tribunal for the next part of the quest.

The Tribunal are found all the way up north on their own floating island. You'll need to travel through the jail area of Plane of Justice until you reach the spot shown on my map below "Plane of Trial". Enter the portal behind the Efreeti NPC here and you'll find yourself on an island with 6 Tribunal guys that look like more badass versions of the Guards of Justice that were patroling the halls earlier.

Now what you'll want to do is form your group of friends if you haven't already and speak with each of these Tribunal members to go through their quests 1 by 1. Be careful, once you speak with one of these guys and complete their dialogue you'll be instantly transported to the start of the PoJ Trial. Trials aren't instanced so if someone on your server is already doing one you'll have to wait.

After someone completes a Trial you'll need to wait 30minutes before you can do it again.

If someone fails a Trial another group can do it immediately after the previous group leaves the trial area.

Below is an explanation of each Plane of Justice Trial, the loot that drops there as well a strategy for you to beat it. After you complete one of these trials you'll want to hail one of the big tribunal guys (shown in the screen shot above) to get your character flag before returning to Mavuin.



Trial of Flame

This trial places you in a room with a large pillar in the center. Throughout the event four waves of four enemies each will spawn and your objective will be to agro and kill all four enemies before they reach the central pillar. If any enemy reaches the central pillar of the room you'll lose the entire event.

I would highly recommend that you focus on agroing the enemies as they spawn first rather than killing them and pull them away from the central pillar. You have a few minutes between each wave to dispatch of the enemies and it only takes them 10 to 20 seconds after they spawn to reach the central pillar.

Helpful Tip: Fire elementals can be mezzed - Imps cannot

After defeating four waves the Punisher of Flame will spawn which once defeated will drop a total of 6 Marks of Flame. This Mark as well as the other Marks you get from completing the PoJ Trials are used in the future quest for Reaching the Seventh Hammer. You'll also find some additional loot that drops off the enemies which spawn during the Trial. Mask of Contemplation, Mask of the Witness, Massive Flameguard Helm, Ornate Sceptre.


Trial of Execution

For this Trial you'll need to kill all of the enemies before the executioner has a chance of reaching the prisoners. There's a total of four waves and each wave gets progressively harder. Your goal is to kill all the enemies that spawn before the executioner reaches the sentenced prisoners.

Each wave of mobs comes with usually two stonegrabber type enemies as well as two phlarg/razorbeasts. I'd recommend that you conserve cool downs/mana for the final wave since the executioner moves faster towards the prisoners for each consecutive wave. Watch how long it takes him during the first wave and then try to always go faster than that for every consecutive wave.

After defeating the final wave of enemies you'll get Prime Executioner Vathoch to spawn which is the boss of this trial. Defeat him and loot the Mark of Execution to complete things.

Loot Drops: Mask of the Witness, Pauldrons of Witness, Sentinel's Shoulder Plates, Silver Hammer Earring, Troubadour's Mace, Veil of the Executioner


Trial of Hanging

For this Trial what you need to do is kill the adds that spawn before they have a chance of taking out the three different prisoners which are sentenced to death. Each wave of enemies comes with mobs that fulfill two different purposes. Some of the enemies only attack you while others (Spirit of Suffocation) focus on attacking the prisoners.

Your primary goal is to kill the Spirit of Suffocations as quickly as possible before they have a chance of taking out any of the prisoners. If one of the prisoner's collapses he's getting extremely close to death and you'll need to very quickly kill the spirit that is attacking him. Any prisoner dying will result in you failing the trial and having to restart it.

Helpful Tip: The phlarg/razorbeast enemies can not be mezzed but the air elementals can.

Dispatch the air elemental/phlarg enemies in between the Spirits of Suffocation that you kill and you shouldn't have too much of an issue with this trial. After you kill enough Spirits you'll get Gallows Master Teion to spawn which is the boss of this trial. He'll drop a Mark of Hanging which you'll want to hang onto.

phantom of asphyxiation (chance to spawn during trial) drops a Stout Bulwark.


Trial of Lashing

This trial involves a bit more strategy than the previous PoJ Trials. What you'll need to do for this trial is to defeat four different waves of enemies while also dealing with an untargetable enemy that attacks your group whom can only be defeated by killing the three flickering spirits that spawn throughout the trial area.

When this Trial starts some razorbeast enemies and stonegrabber enemies will attack the prisoners. About 40 seconds later four other enemies will spawn, a scourge of honor and three flickering spirits. The scourge of honor can't be targeted and the only way to get rid of him is to destroy one or two of the flickering spirits that spawn.

You can find two flickering spirits nearby in the two cubbies just off the central room. The third flickering spirit is much further away located at the top of the stairs through the door off the central room. In my experience you only need to kill one or two flickering spirits to dispense of the scourge of honor. I never had to run upstairs to destroy one, only the two in the cubbies.

After repeating this process four times for all four waves you'll get Lashman Azakal, the boss of the trial to spawn. He'll spawn immediately after you destroy the flickering spirits so be prepared! Defeat him and loot the Mark of Lashing for completing the trial.

Loot Drops: Bailiff's Plate Boots, Greater Truthstone, Onyx Gavel, Writ of Wisdom


Trial of Stoning

For this event you'll find yourself in a room with 3 an accused prisoners against a wall. You'll need to defend these prisoners against four waves of enemies as well as additional archer enemies that can't be targeted that'll stone you throughout the entirety of the event.

Once the event starts you'll have stonegrabber and spectre enemies enter the central room from the two side rooms and two enemies will spawn on the upper balcony which are responsible for stoning you. You can't target the enemies up on the balcony - they go away once you've defeated the stonegrabbers and spectres.

You must endure this for a total of 4 waves while not letting any of the "an accursed prisoner" that are with you die. The mobs target the prisoner's first usually once they come out of their doors so you'll need to be on the ball if you hope to protect them.

Helpful Tip: The Stonegrabber enemies are unmezzable but the Spectres can be mezzed.

Defend the prisoners for a total of four waves and you'll get the boss of the trial to spawn, Yurae Zhaleem. He melees for about 700 and can be slowed. Once you defeat him each person in your party should loot the Mark of Stone before leaving.

Loot Drops: Cleaver of Vengeance, Cowl of the Convicted, Leggings of the Truthspeaker, Ring of Woe


Trial of Torture

This Trial has a bit of a strategy to it as well. The room that it takes place in has two cubbies as well as a central room with prisoners in it. The central room only has one entry point which is a doorway at the far end of the room you enter in. Your goal for this trial is to defeat the enemies that spawn throughout the trial and don't let any of the prisoners die. There's a total of four waves.

The event starts about thirty seconds after entering and I recommend you group up at the door leading down into the prisoner's room - or if you're well prepared just wait in the cubbies to dispatch the shades as they spawn. Once the shades aren't a concern anymore move into the central room and destroy the spectre that you find in there.

I recommend your whole group venture into the central room since defeating the spectre will offer up an AoE heal. The second wave is a bit different... Instead of shades phlarg/razorbeast enemies spawn and after they're defeated the wraith you need to kill spawns in the cubby at the far end of the trial nearby where you entered.

Wave 3 is the same as 2, razorbeast enemies spawn in the cubbies with the wraith of agony spawning in the cubby behind the Agent of the Tribunal. If you're in need of heals - make sure to be near each wraith as it's defeated since it offers up a pretty nice AoE heal.

Wave 4 is two shade enemies followed by two razorbeast enemies with the boss, Punisher Veshtaq, spawning in the middle of the arena where the very first wraith was that we killed. This named has a pretty annoying knockback which can really mess things up if your healer isn't paying attention.

Loot Drops: Blessed Talisman of Patience, Gavel of Justice, Hammer Buckled Cordwound Belt, Mask of the Witness


Successfully completing each of these trials will reward you with a Mark of <that trial name>. With all 6 of these Marks in hand you'll want to hail The Tribunal and say "I seek Knowledge" to be rewarded with the character flag as well as The Mark of Justice.

Before you leave you'll also want to say, "Mavuin" to one of The Tribunals in the area which will grant you another character flag. Once you've obtained this flag you'll want to return to Mavuin and hail him to get the final character flag (you'll now be finished with the PoJ trials).

Note: To zone into the area using the Mark of Justice you must scroll into FIRST PERSON VIEW and then put the Mark of Justice onto your cursor. After you do that press the U button on your keyboard and you'll zone into an area with 6 Tribunal guys and red portals instead of blue.