Jimlok's Friend (Plane of Tranquility)

Jimlok KeylifterTiny Bottle and Note

This is the first quest in a series of three which revolves around a single item, Clockwork Talisman. The final result of all three quests is The Binden Concerrentia which is a powerful item for players 60 - 70 as well as a means of quickly traveling to the Plane of Knowledge.

To begin this quest you'll need to bring a "Tiny Bottle with Note" to Jimlok Keylifter who is found in the buildings surrounding Plane of Nightmare in the Plane of Tranquility. You can obtain the Tiny Bottle with Note fairly commonly from festering rats in Plane of Justice. Hand it to Jimlok and he'll return to you a piece of paper called a Strange Jeweler's Schematic. You'll then need to take this item to Tabben Bromal in the Plane of Knowledge.

Tabben is found just a tad bit to the east of th Small Bank in PoK. He's found on the second floor of the same building with the Smithing NPCs. Hand Tabben Bromal the Strange Jeweler's Schematic and he'll return to you a Small Parts Kit which you'll need to fill with the items mentioned below and combine. Tri-Coated Metal Casing, Size C Spring, Creeping Silk Strands and Congealed Bile-Based Ooze.

Tri-Coated Metal Casing: Plane of Innovation Spider enemies
Size C Spring: Plane of Innovation 'model' enemies
Creeping Silk Strands: Plane of Nightmare Virulent Arachnid enemies
Congealed Bile-Based Ooze: Plane of Disease pile of bile, festering pile of goo enemies

The two types of enemies in Plane of Innovation are found throughout the entire junk yard portion of the zone. There is no real good location to farm for these two items. The Creeping Silk Strands from the Virulent Arachnids are best farmed just south of where you zone into PoN at. Pile of Bile and Festering Pile of Goo both spawn in the central portion of Plane of Disease in the same location where the two rivers converge.

Once you've obtained all four of these items combine them in the Small Parts Kit to create a Sealed Parts Box. Return this item to Tabben to get the reward for this quest, Small Clockwork Talisman. This talisman is used in a second quest, Powered Clockwork Talisman (#2) which you can learn more about below.

Size C SpringTri-coated Metal Casing

Congealed Bile-based OozeCreeping Silk Strands


Tabben BromalTabben Bromal Map Location


Small Clockwork Talisman

As aforementioned you can use the Small Clockwork Talisman as it is or upgrade it into a Powered Clockwork Talisman which you can then upgrade yet again into the final item The Binden Concerrentia. If you'd like to continue this quest then follow my link below.

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