The Key to Saryrn's Chambers (Plane of Torment)

In order for you to challenge Saryrn in the Plane of Torment you must first complete a quest and gain access to her tower. This quest requires you to collect four different orbs from enemies in the Plane of Torment and combine them in a container which you get from defeating Baraguj Szuul.

The map that I have included (found above) has each of the four different locations marked where you'll find an Avatar to kill which'll drop the orbs that we're after. Sometimes when you arrive at once of the towers there will be no Avatar currently spawned; in this case you'll need to defeat the regular enemies here until you can get an Avatar to spawn.

Orb of Anguish: Defeat The Avatar of Anguish
Orb of Agony:
Orb of Pain:
Orb of Suffering:

Avatars themselves aren't too much of a challenge - they're about as tough as some of the group nameds that you come across in the higher level planes. Once you've defeated all four of them you'll need to travel to the southern most portion of Plane of Torment where you can barely see Baraguj Szuul marked on my map above.

Baraguj Szuul isn't as easy of an encounter as the previous four Avatars that you had to take out. This named can actually be qualified as a raid boss! The encounter itself comes in two distinct phases - the first of which isn't with Baraguj himself. Immediately after engaging him you'll be teleported to his stomach (which is shown in the northeastern portion of my map above, it's the multi colored area).

For the first phase you'll need to navigate each room of Baraguj's stomach, defeating the enemies that spawn in each before falling through the trap door to a lower floor. Be careful when taking the trap doors down as when you land in a lower room you usually agro the enemies inside. You'll need to clear all of the enemies on each floor before moving to the floor that's below.

Once you reach the final floor you'll find An Unimaginable Horror whom you'll need to defeat to end phase 1 and to spawn the true Baraguj boss. Before you engage this guy I strongly recommend that you med up and make sure you're prepared as once you defeat him you'll be ported out and Phase 2 will start with you facing off against Baraguj.

Depending on server lag your entire raid might not be ported out at once which could result in a few deaths to the adds standing near Baraguj.

As for the fight with Baraguj - it's significantly harder than the previous one against the Unimaginable Horror. Baraguj hits much harder and faster as well as flurries and rampages. You'll need to bring decent DPS and heals in order to take him out.

The good news is if you wipe to Baraguj you won't have to repeat the stomach event over again! Defeating Baraguj will net you the Mouths of Baraguj Szuul container as well as some other goodies. The container is what we need to complete this quest though. Take all four Orbs that you found earlier in the quest and place them into the container. Hit combine to make the Screaming Sphere which is the item you need to enter Saryrn's Tower.