The Binden Concerrentia (Plane of Tranquility)

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This is the third and final quest in the Clockwork Talisman quest series. You're required to have completed both Jimlok's Friend and Powered Clockwork Talisman. As for the quest itself, it's fairly easy and straight forward to do. All you have to do is travel to each of the four elemental planes and collect "Living Fragment" from each.

Living Fragment of Air - Plane of Air a temple guardian
Living Fragment of Fire - Plane of Fire jopal enemies
Living Fragment of Water - Plane of Water triloun enemies
Living Fragment of Earth - Plane of Earth (A + B) vekerchiki enemies

The "a living fragments" only drop from certain enemies in each of the four elemental planes. Plane of Air you'll want to hunt temple guardians which are usually "guarding" rooms throughout the zone; Plane of Fire Jopals are found in the northern most portion of the zone near the lava tunnel connectin field 1 to city 1.

Plane of Water the triloun enemies are found in the upper, southern, portion of Plane of Water, usually in the tunnels and sometimes they're found inside the rooms. Finally you have Plane of Earth, the vekerchiki enemies are found throughout the large field of Plane of Earth. A good spot where you can find a group of them is the southern structure.

Living Fragment of AirLiving Fragment of Earth

Living Fragment of FireLiving Fragment of Water

Combine all four of the Living Fragments and the Powered Clockwork Talisman with the case the NPC gave you to get your final reward, The Binden Concerrentia which is a Necklace with great stats and unlimited uses for transportation to Plane of Knowledge. Despite what the screen shot below says, the item is No Drop. I play on FV where luckily it isn't and I can use it as twink gear!

The Binden Concerrentia