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Alekson Garn Trial (Halls of Honor)

Alekson Garn

This is one of the three trial quests that take place in Halls of Honor. You'll find Alekson Garn in the southeastern basement of the zone located in the final room of the basement, much like the other Trial NPCs. His trial is known to be the easiest of the three trials. You'll need to defeat three rooms of enemies in order to complete it while protecting the NPCs that spawn in those rooms.

After you hail Alekson Garn and begin this trial he'll turn into a Custodian of Marr which you'll need to defeat (all Trial NPCs do this). There's about 6 enemies or so that will spawn in the two rooms below on my map marked Ydira and Miranda. There's also two NPCs that spawn in both of these rooms, their names are the ones that I just mentioned.

Your primary goal is protecting these NPCs, your secondary goal is defeating all of the enemies. It's highly recommended that you have teams ready to kite the enemies around in each of the two rooms and have the raid move through the trial defeating each room one by one.

Alekson Garn Trial Map Locations

You can leave the enemies up without being agrod for about a minute before the NPCs you're protecting despawn and you lose the Trial. If you're unsuccessful with completing the trial the respawn timer for Alekson Garn is an hour. Once the Trial is successfully completed you'll need to wait about 18 hours for Alekson Garn to respawn.

After you successfully complete the trial the NPC you hailed to start the trial will respawn. He'll stay up for a total of 5 minutes which gives everyone who participated in the trial a chance to hail him and receive their flag. Successfully hailing the NPC will give you the dialogue shown below.


Alekson Garn HoH Trial Credit