Powered Clockwork Talisman (Plane of Knowledge)

Tabben BromalTabben Bromal Map Location

This is the second quest in a series of quests involving the Clockwork Talisman, an item that will return you to the Plane of Knowledge when activated. In order to complete this quest you'll first have to complete the quest Jimlok's Friend and obtained a Small Clockwork Talisman. If you've already completed this quest you should already have the second Small Parts Container.

If you've lost your Small Parts Container then you need to speak to Tabben Bromal and follow the dialogue below and/or hand him the Strange Jeweler's Schematic a second time.

Hail Tabben Bromal
/say I am ready to write down the names of the next set of parts

Once you've either found or reobtained the Small Parts Container it's time to collect the next batch of items that Tabben requires. These items are Crystalline Carapace, Strands of Living Chain, Dense Hammered Casing and Fiery Power Source. You'll be able to obtain all of these without completing any Planar Progression except for Fiery Power Source.

Crystalline Carapace: Plane of Valor Spiders (northern field)
Strands of Living Chain: Plane of Torment Spiders
Dense Hammered Casing: Plane of Tactics Diaku enemies
Fiery Power Source: Tower of Solusek Ro

The Crystalline Carapace drops from spiders found in the field in northern Plane of Valor, Strands of Living Chain from "A parylyx" enemies in Plane of Torment, Dense Hammered Casing from any of the ogre Diaku enemies in Drunder, the Fortress of Zek and finally the Fiery Power Source from a protector of Ro or a sentry of Ro found in Solusek Ro's Tower.

Once you've acquired all four of these items place them into the Small Parts Container with the Small Clockwork Talisman that you have and hit combine. You'll receive a sealed container which you need to return to Tabben.

Crystalline CarapaceStrands of Living Chain

Dense Hammered CasingFiery Power Source


Powered Clockwork TalismanThe Talisman Schematic


After you return the Sealed Box to Tabben he'll reward you with the Powered Clockwork Talisman as well as The Talisman Schematic which is the quest item that'll start the third and final quest in this chain. In order to complete the next part of this quest you'll need to be elemental flagged since all the drops come from Elemental Planes. Follow my link below for more information.

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