Rhaliq Trell - Villager Trial (Halls of Honor)

Rhaliq Trell

This is one of the three Halls of Honor trials that you need to complete for access to the Temple of Marr as well as for Planar Progression. Much like the trial with Alekson Garn this one will have you fighting off waves of enemies in three different rooms.

I've marked each of the three rooms that this trial takes place in on my map below. The first room only gets a single enemy that spawns in it (aside from the custodian of marr). On the map below Rooms 2 and 3 are where you'll be fighting the majority of the enemies at.

After defeating the custodian of marr and starting the encounter about 10 to 15 enemies spawn in the unmarked room on my map below and they run into Room 3 and then into Room 2. Your ultimate goal is to protect the villagers that spawn after hailing Rhaliq Trell and beginning the trial. Make sure no enemies reach the villagers (kite them around if needed) then focus on defeating them second.

Villagers Trial Map Locations

If you're unsuccessful with completing the trial the respawn timer for Rhaliq Trell is an hour. Once the Trial is successfully completed you'll need to wait about 18 hours for Rhaliq Trell to respawn.

After you successfully complete the trial the NPC you hailed to start the trial will respawn. He'll stay up for a total of 5 minutes which gives everyone who participated in the trial a chance to hail him and receive their flag. Successfully hailing the NPC will give you the dialogue shown below.

Rhaliq Trell Trial Credit