Almar's Ingame Boxing Macros

Instead of listing every single macro on this page and walking you through how to set them up all at once I have decided to break it everything down into sections. You can pick which type of macro you want, and then go to a page and learn about just that macro. I'd recommend you take my macro ideas and make them your own while applying them to your box team.

Keep in mind that what you see on this page are just 'some' of the different macros I use while playing. I've gone over my interface in much more detail over in the Almar's Interface Isboxer Guide.


About to Pull

Assist Macros (Oodles of Information)

Auto Inventory Macro

Buff Macros

Burn Macros

Cauldron Button

Fade Button

Fellowship Insignia Button

Follow Macros

Forceful Rejuvenation Button

Invis Button

Invite Macros

Lag Reduction Macros

Lesson of the Devoted Macro

Mana Restore Macros

Mod Rod Macros

Pet Attack Macros

Pet Buffs Macros

Pet Macros

Primary Anchor Button

Rez Macros

Short Burn Macros

Succor Button

Twincast Button

Mini Pets Macros

Protection Macros

Clicky Buttons



Hotbar Swapping to Utilize the Same Keybinds for Different Playstyles